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NewGen Consortium issues call for sand casting papers.

The NewGen Consortium, co-sponsored by AFS and the National Industrial Sand Association (NISA), Washington, D.C., has issued a call for white paper research proposals on sand casting technologies.

The new consortium is calling for papers on the improvement of green sand casting and chemically bonded core and mold technologies, as well as topics that will facilitate better control of green sand systems, real-time sand property measurement and computer modeling programs for sand systems. Also of high interest are new technologies and research related to the use of nonstandard sand materials, sand adhesion (binder) technology, refractory coatings and sand additives. Those that submit papers and are chosen will have their projects funded through the consortium. Concept papers must be submitted by Sept. 15.

For more information on the NewGen consortium or to submit a white papery visit, or contact Steve Robisont AFS senior technical director, at or 800/537-4237 ext. 227,
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Title Annotation:AFS/CMI NEWS
Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Sep 1, 2011
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