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New writing center directory being planned.

Dear Writing Lab Newsletter readers, Hello, and happy spring to you all! Along with the thrill of a milder season approaching is the excitement of an important project underway. dr. Rebecca day babcock of The University of Texas of the Permian basin, dr. Carol Mohrbacher of St. Cloud State University, MN, and I, Emily bouts, a graduate student at St. Cloud State, are working together to create an international writing center directory.

We need your help to make the directory as comprehensive as it can be. If you want your writing center represented in the directory, please, let us know by sending the following information: the name of your writing center, the name and title of its director, its address, telephone number, e-mail address, and fax number. This information should be sent by e-mail to St. Coud State University's writing center, The Write Place, at It's that easy. And, of course, we are open to any input or suggestions you might have to offer.

Emily Bouts

St. Cloud State University
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Author:Bouts, Emily
Publication:Writing Lab Newsletter
Date:Apr 1, 2008
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