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New winder handles large-diameter rolls.


The MIDEX-HSD winder for cast film and sheet from Reifenhauser (U.S. office Wichita, Kan.) has been designed to handle jumbo rolls up to 1200-mm dia (about 47 in.). On the new unit, the reel is no longer moved by a rotating arm or turret mechanism; instead, it slides horizontally onto the machine frame as the diameter is growing. The working principle of the horizontal-slide winder enables considerably higher reel loads to be taken up.

These winders are designed as a standard to produce up to three webs (additional webs are possible on request). Depending on the winding shaft used, the maximum reel diameter of 1200 mm can be obtained even with multi-web winding. 316-260-2122 *

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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jul 1, 2016
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