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New wall, new privacy.

The house was exposed and dominated by a garage that jutted toward the street. Owners Nance and Kerry O'Banion needed studio space, so they designed a 20- by 20-foot wing along the side of the garage. The addition gives the house a C-shaped plan-along with much more privacy. A solid, shingled wall faces the street and helps buffer the noise of any nearby traffic. On the inside wall, windows open onto the newly created 18- by 30-foot protected courtyard.

The intimate courtyard garden features a central brick patio and a path of flagstone interspersed with woolly thyme. A climbing rose sprawls over a trellis near the front door, while low planters near the addition contain a small herb garden. From the street, a brick path leads past a front garden filled with drought-tolerant perennials and jogs around the studio. To create subtle changes of height, garden designer Susan Sasaki clustered low growing plants near the street side and taller foliage closer to the house, where wisteria and hardenbergia drape over a trellis. 11
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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