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New version of a popular system.

New Version of a Popular System PLASTICS TECHNOLOGY has learned that a successor to a widely used control system for injection, extrusion, compression and blow molding machines will become available mid-year from Barber-Colman Co.'s Industrial Instruments Div., Loves Park, Ill. The MACO 8000 VA (Value Added) is a further development of the MACO 8000 that exploits incremental advances in technology that have occurred during the last few years. New features include an improved display, a clamp control module, and improved electrical realibility. Here's an exclusive look at this new system.

The MACO 8000 VA offers a flat-panel electroluminescent (EL) display as an option instead of the touch-screen or standard CRT. EL technology reportedly provides an excellent means of high-lighting information because it offers high-quality, flicker-free images with a wide viewing angle. Text and graphics are said to be easy to read even after long periods of viewing, and even when light conditions change. Solid-state construction is said to assure reliable performance even in harsh factory environments. EL displays are also said to consume less power than CRT monitors, generating lower operating temperatures and providing longer life.


The new Model 80RA Clamp Control Module combines both linear positioning control and pressure/flow control in a single module, requiring less panel space. The module reportedly has increased performance in terms of response time (0.250 millisec) and accuracy and repeatability. It provides open-loop control of four independent control functions.

Pump staging with simultaneous control of both variable-volume and fixed-volume pumps is a standard feature of the first two control zones. It can operate in two different modes: controlling the output of the variable-volume pump and the switching of the fixed-volume pumps; or in a throttle mode where the analog output is applied to a pressure- or flow-control valve while also selecting fixed pumps.

Ramping is another standard feature of the clamp-control module. It's available between all module setpoints to enable transitions to occur smoothly rather than as abrupt changes.

The clamp module works with potentiometric position devices. LVDT's or ultrasonic position-detecting systems that have a 0-10v d-c output. Inputs are monitored for loss of signal for incorporation into safety circuits.


The Auxiliary Equipment Integration Module for the MACO 8000 VA is said to be able to work with any communication protocol, including the new SPI protocol. (The SPI protocol had not yet been defined when the AEIM for the MACO 8000 came out.) Additionally, a newly established engineering group will be available on a contract basis to meet networking requirements, and to develop software and hardware modifications to the standrad system configuration.

Another new feature of the MACO 8000 VA will be built-in statistical process-control (SPC) software. Further details were not available at press time.

Given the increasing sensitivity of electronic components to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD), damage that can be hard to detect, Barber-Colman reports it has taken additional precautions in its engineering, manufacturing, and quality control to ensure protection against system failure due to ESD. To further combat the problem of ESD, Barber-Colman's field service department is offering an ESD Protection Plan. This consists of training via videotapes and books on ESD protection, and references to standards and procedures.

Other incremental improvements include revised wiring and installation standards (on proper grounding, for example), and the MACO 8000 VA is said to be less sensitive than the original 8000 to the quality or "cleanliness" of the power used in a manufacturing facility. All together, these electrical/electronic improvements are said to achieve very high reliability--i.e., failure rates of 1% or less.

An existing MACO 8000 system can be upgraded to an 8000 VA; some modules will have to be exchanged and the system checked to confirm to MACO 8000 VA standards.
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Title Annotation:new Barber-Colman control system
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Mar 1, 1990
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