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New variant of Gpcode virus detected by Kaspersky Lab.


Kaspersky Lab, a developer of Internet threat management solutions, has announced that it has detected a new variant of Gpcode, an encryptor virus -- Virus.Win32.Gpcode.ak.

The virus reportedly encrypts files with various extensions including, but not limited to: .doc, .txt, .pdf, .xls, .jpg, .png, .cpp, .h and more using an RSA encryption algorithm with a 1024-bit key.

Gpcode.ak encrypts files on the victim machine it adds ._CRYPT to the extension of the encrypted files and places a text file named !_READ_ME_!.txt in the same folder. The file tells the victim that it has been encrypted and offers to sell them a "decryptor".

Kaspersky Lab said that it has previously thwarted previous variants of Gpcode, but it is currently unable to decrypt files encrypted by Gpcode.ak since the key is 1024 bits long.

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Publication:Internet Business News
Date:Jun 6, 2008
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