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New use for old wood.

I am a small-scale sawyer who recycles urban trees that normally would end up as mulch or in landfills. More than 3 billion board feet of usable lumber from urban old-growth trees is wasted every year by municipalities. My goal is to keep as much as possible from filling up our landfill, and this year, I hope to process 14,000 board feet of this "throw-away" wood. It's beautiful; I make lumber, flooring and log furniture from the best of it, and the rest become firewood.

We are starting a "tree-cycling" organization to reduce the stress on our nation's forests while pointing out the value of urban trees. For more information, go to


Iron Station, North Carolina


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Title Annotation:country lore: Readers' best DIY tips
Author:Edwards, Kyle
Publication:Mother Earth News
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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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