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New third story and three decks take 36 years off its age.

New third story and three decks take 36 years off its age

Looking every minute its age, this 1951Seattle house was ready for a facelift. Owner Jim Evers asked architects Cardwell /Thomas & Associates to open it up and give it a contemporary look while avoiding whopping expenses.

The outside lines changed dramatically. Anew third story added a 455-square-foot bedroom, bath, and dressing area and a 78-square-foot deck to the top of the two-story house.

The addition cut into the existing roof,but here an architectural trick saved money. Much of the old gently pitched roof was not removed: it's simply disguised by a horizontal false front that extends from the addition around the remaining roof. This--along with white lattice panels on two sides of the garage-top deck and the raised deck outside the living room-- makes the house a series of strong, rectangular shapes. White paint covers the remaining Roman brick facing.

Decks are important to this house. Thetopmost deck is a partly walled, partly open corner off the new upstairs bedroom. The deck atop the garage is a favorite spot for summer meals; barbecue, dining table and chairs, and furniture for sunning stay out of sight behind the lattice panel. The more open new deck off the living room adds entertaining space with a view of water and mountains beyond.

Inside, as shown here, walls were removedto open the kitchen and living and dining rooms to one another. A high counter encloses the small but efficient kitchen, yet leaves the cook close to guests while screening off culinary clutter. Dramatic detailing turned the stairway and kitchen counter--usually utilitarian elements-- into built-in art.

Photo: Remodeled house gained height and a bright new sense of style. Third-story addition contains master bedroom suite. Original (left) seemed stolid and somber, had only one naked deck

Photo: Big garage-top deck steps down fromentry level; it sits in full sun, with view over slope to lake and mountains. Lattice screen provides privacy from street, but breeze filters in

Photo: Updated staircasewith oak treads and risers, carpet insets, and bold metal rails spills around corner into living room

Photo: Wrapping around kitchen nook,serving bar hides clutter but not cook. Open plan--replacing living room, dining room, kitchen, and entry hall--expands space, brings in light and view
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Date:Jun 1, 1987
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