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New theological procedures.

WASHINGTON. The U.S. bishops' committee tasked with enforcing church doctrine has formally published procedures for investigating theologians, a year after they were approved apparently without consultation or notice to theologians.

NCR first reported on the procedures Aug. 17, after their existence came to light this summer in two academic journal articles by noted canon lawyer Fr. James Coriden (NCR, Aug. 31-Sept. 13).

The U.S. bishops' Committee on Doctrine formally published the protocols in the Sept. 6 volume of Origins, the documentary service of Catholic News Service, along with an "explanatory note."

According to the procedures, which the doctrinal committee says were approved in September 2011, the committee "reserves the right" to investigate theologians without dialogue "if it judges that intervention is needed for the pastoral guidance of the Catholic faithful."

In the explanatory note published in Origins, the U.S. bishops' committee says the procedures are a "working tool" of the committee, which is "free to update, modify or elaborate" their content "at any time."

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