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New temperature data logging system for pocket PC.

Land Instruments International has introduced a data logging system that allows users of its Cyclops portable infrared thermometers to download and analyse temperature measurements of production plant or products.

The Cyclops DL-1000 Data Logging System combines Land's own software with a Pocket PC on which readings can be stored and then transferred to a partnership PC as a .txt file, for display and analysis using word processing and spreadsheet programs.

Although some Cyclops portables have an on-board storage facility, until now analysis has been limited to determining the highest, lowest and average temperatures, and the data is lost when the instrument is switched off.

The Data Logging System--which is suitable for use with the Cyclops 300AF/300bAF. C153/153A and FurnacePro--offers a choice of options at the start of each measurement logging session, including thermometer type, temperature units and text identifier.

The system can be configured to run in a timed acquisition mode that records temperature data at pre-determined intervals from 1 to 3,600 seconds.

For the Cyclops 153/153A and FurnacePro, there is also a Background Compensation function that automatically compensates for measurement errors in situations where the temperature of the target is lower than its surroundings, such as reheat and reformer tube furnaces.

The Cyclops DL-1000 can be purchased as an add-on to Cyclops portables already in use or specified when buying a new instrument, with or without Pocket PC.

Contact Lands Instruments International on tel: 01246 417691 or visit
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