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New technology vital for future existence.

IN response to I Richard, of Swansea - Western Mail letters, "Sunny optimism", Tuesday, February 26. This correspondence refers to a previous correspondence of mine, published in the Western Mail on February 15.

Nowhere in this (my) correspondence did I suggest/ imply that all, future 32 million all-electric car batteries should be charged by electricity generated by solar-photovoltaic power. Either, I Richard is trying to "wind me up", or is, I suspect, commenting on a subject of which they have little or no knowledge.

When it comes to corresponding with newspapers, one is usually constrained by the permitted word-count of the correspondence - however, the Western Mail is exemplary in this respect by allowing its readers to have published correspondence in excess of 200 words. To explain the fundamentals of modern technology and research - such as modern, solid-state battery technology, or, future, solar-photovoltaic electricity-generating technology would require several thousand words (several pages of print). Maybe an expert scientist could be persuaded to submit an article on the above topics - albeit, sufficiently, non-technical.

Our future existence is likely to depend on these new technologies. Therefore, if more folk understood these technologies they could then persuade their government not to invest in ridiculous, grossly expensive, short-lifetime, projects such as HS2 and nuclear power.

Brian Hayes Bassaleg, Newport

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 28, 2019
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