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New technology to benefit patients.

BOYLSTON -- New, time-saving technology that will benefit patients in need of dental crowns has accompanied a change in ownership at Boylston Dental Associates.

New owner Dr. John Millette has introduced equipment to the Boylston office that allows for a more secure-fitting, durable dental crown to be produced in the Boylston office.

Previously, molds for new dental crowns were sent to an off-site location to be produced, and the process usually took weeks.

Dental hygienist Rod Jensen, who has been with Boylston Dental for 11 years, is enthusiastic about the new technology.

"This system, E4D, is a cad cam for crowns that allows us to make the crowns on-site,'' Jensen said, describing the traditional rubber mold and porcelain previously used in the office was "almost old-world style.''

In the new system, teeth are scanned with lasers. The design is adjusted as needed and the dentist mills and cuts out the crown. The collection of the lithium disilicat crystals is placed in an oven at the Boylston office, where it melts together into a crown.

"This method has a 20 percent better accuracy than old methods for producing crowns,'' Jensen said.

And the new crowns show greater strength.

"These new crowns exceed the strength of traditional crowns, and the outcome is superior. This trumps traditional technology,'' Jensen said.

Dental hygienist Andrea Kauffman sees other new technology at Boylston Dental as a bonus for patients.

"We're using an electric hand piece versus the traditional dental drill,'' Kauffman said.

"The traditional dental drill made awful noise, this is much better. We're putting in technology patients will appreciate,'' she said.

By Joni Koogler
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Date:Feb 28, 2014
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