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New sun care ingredients: below is a list of new ingredients for sun care formulations. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry LLC.

Bridgewater, NJ

Tel: 1-888-331 62l2




INCI: Camellia sinensis flower/leaf/stem juice

Application: Sunblock, sunscreen, after sun, daily wear, anti aging, etc.

Suggested Use Level: 0.1%-1.0%

Comments: Recentia CS plant serum fraction delivers unparalleled levels of efficacy for anti-aging skin care. Providing potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, free radical scavenging and photo-stabilization activity, Recentia CS addresses key biological pathways leading to aging, it is a completely sustainable, safe and solvent free bioactive.

Arista Industries, Inc.

Wilton, CT

Tel: 203-761 1009




INCI: Daucus carota savita (carrot) oleoresin/canola/helianthus anmats (sunflower) seed oil

Application: self tanning products

Suggested Use Level: 1-100% depending on formula

Comments: Dark orange viscous oil containing high levels of alpha and beta carotene used as a natural colorant in self tanning products. Easy to use in a variety personal care products.


INCI: Vanccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) seed oil

Application: sunblock and sunscreens Suggested Use Level: 1 100% depending on formula

Comments: Excellent emollient containing 70% essential tatty acids with a unique balance of omega 3, 6 and 9 and high content of natural antioxidants Used as a natural SPF and for lipid barrier protection, if has excellent moisture retention properties and can be used as a lubricant and skin conditioning agent for after sun exposure.


INCI: Rosa canina fruit oil

Application: After sun products

Suggested Use Level: 1-100% depending on formula

Comments: Contains essential fatty acids as well as vitamins A, C and E which help combat UV damage from overexposure to the sun. It also helps to treat burns, including those from radiation and sunburns and aids in skin rejuvenation.

Bio-Botanica, Inc.

Hauppauge, NY

Tel: 800 645-572(1




INCI: Rhodiola rosea extract

Application: UV-protection, antioxidant (use in sunscreens, after sun, anti-aging products, etc.)

Suggested Use Level: 0.5%-3%

Comments: Rhodiola rosea, also known as Arctic Root, Golden Root, Roseroot and Rose Wort, is indigenous to Eastern Siberia, and other cold, mountainous locations throughout the world. Rhodiola rosea consist of numerous compounds, flavonoids, cinnamyl alcohol glycosides, and 3, 4 hydroxycinnamic acid.

Biovelop AB

Kimstad, Sweden

Distributed in US by Brenntag Specialties

Tel: 800-732-0562 (Brenntag Specialties Inc.); +46 11 253630 (Biovelop, Sweden)




INCI: Beta glucan

Application: Sunscreen, pre-sun treatment, post-sun treatment

Suggested Use Level: 1-10%

Comments: Avenacare is a specially-developed liquid form of oat beta glucan, naturally produced using Biovelop's chemical-free technology, and preserved using a paraben-free system. Avenacare is clinically proven to protect against UV light-induced redness and soothe post-sun redness.

Centerchem, Inc.

Norwalk, CT

Tel: 203-822-9800




INCI name: C8-22 alkyl acrylates/methacrylic acid crosspolymer

Suggested Use Level: 0.5-4.0%

Applications: Sun care, skin care and hair care formulations

Comments: Intelimer 8600 Emulsion Polymer is a film-forming, side-chain crystalline polymer utilizing a novel temperature-triggered mechanism to deliver enhanced ingredient retention and improved ingredient spreading, both of which can boost the efficacy of some actives. The polymer is compatible across a wide pH range, making it: applicable to sun anti-aging skin and hair care. Intelimer 8600 Emulsion Polymer forms a novel polymer matrix when spread on skin or hair that physically entraps active ingredients, enhancing their retention on the applied area as well as providing rheology benefits.


INCI Name: Aqua, glycerin, oryza sativa (rice) seed protein phytic acid, oryza sativa extract

Suggested Use Level: 0.5-5%

Applications: Protective hair care and styling products

Comments: Kerarice is a plant-derived active that provides protection from hair color fading caused by UV radiation. The amino acids and peptides contained in Kerarice help to improve tensile strength and shine of hair. The antioxidant component of Phytic acid of Kerarice provides protection against damage caused by sun radiation. Kerarice can be added to leave-on and rinse-off hair care formulations, as well as styling products and dyes.


INCI: Isododecane, vinyl dimethicone/lauryl dimethicone crosspolymer, dimethicone, lauryl dimethicone

Suggested Use Level: 2.0-10.0%

Applications: Sun care, skin care and color cosmetics

Comments: Diowgel 600 imparts long-wearing properties as well as novel sensory feel and cushion to cosmetic formulations without the use of cyclomethicone. Diowgel 600 is a light feeling gel that leaves a soft, dry, tack-free finish on the skin while enhancing product spreadability. Its versatility suggests applications in a wide range of personal care products including skin and sun care to color cosmetics.

Chemsil Silicones Inc.

Chatsworth, CA

Tel: 818-700-0302




INCI: Aminopropyl dimethicone (and) dimethicone

Applications: Sunblock, sunscreen, self-tanner

Suggested Use Level: 3-3%

Comments: A combination of ultra high molecular weight amodimethicone elastomer in a volatile linear dimethicone diluents; excellent skin conditioning and film-forming properties-Designed to deliver highly perceivable consumer sensory benefits as well as aiding UV protection.


INCI: Trimethylsiloxysilicate (and) dimethicone

Applications: Sunblock, sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: 1-5%

Comments: A silicone based film former in a high purity, volatile low viscosity linear dimethicone. The silicone resin provides a durable film, which delivers superior transfer resistance to the finished product.


INCI: Dimethicone (and) dimethicone/vinvl dimethicone crosspolymer (and) hydroxyethyl acrylate (and) sodium acryloyl dimethyl taurate copolymer

Applications: Sunscreen, sunblock, lotion, creams

Suggested Use Level: 12-25%

Comments: A cold process formulation base free of cyclopentasiloxane. Enables the formulation of luxurious W/O sun lotions and creams with both oil soluble and water soluble actives.

Croda Inc

Edison, NJ

Tel: 732 417 0800 * Fax: 732 417 0804




INCI: Titanium dioxide (and) aqua (and) polyglyeeryl-2 caprate (and) sucrose stearate (and) simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil (and) stearic acid (and) alumina (and) glyceryl caprylate (and) squalane

Applications: Sun care and skin care products, color cosmetics

Suggested use levels: 2-30%

Comments: Part of the "award winning" Solaveil SpeXtra range of titanium dioxide (Ti02) dispersions. This water-based system allows the freedom to formulate light feeling and highly spreadable O/W emulsions with broad-spectrum protection. Offers inherent water resistance. Ecocert-approved.


INCI: Tribehenin (and) sorbitol/sebacic acid copolymer behenate

Applications: Sun care and skin care products, color cosmetics

Suggested use levels: 5-15%

Comments: Replacement for Montan wax-derived structurants in formulations. Compatible in a wide range of silicones, oils and waxes. Provides a gel network structure in oils and can increase the SPF of organic sunscreens.

Dow Personal Care

Philadelphia, PA

Tel: 800-447-4369




INCI: Acrvlates/C12-22 alkylmethacrylate copolymer

Applications: .Sunblock, sunscreen and continuous spray formulations

Suggested Use Level: 1-2%

Comments: Soltex OPT-PG delivers exceptional, long-lasting water resistance and is compatible with both inorganic and organic UV filters. It can be used in a variety of formulation types, including O/W, W/O, W/S, continuous sprays and alcohol-containing sprays.

EMD Chemicals

Philadelphia, PA

Tel: 888-367-3275




INCI: Titanium dioxide, silica, glycerin

Applications: Sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: 10-25%

Comments: UV-Titan M040 is a natural mineral based physical UV filter providing a natural looking skin tone with the highest level of transparency for cosmetic application. Unlike many conventional transparent Ti02 products, it does not leave an undesirable bluish tone on skin; ideal for products with a "natural" ingredient claim.


INCI: Titanium dioxide, alumina, triethoxy caprylysilane

Applications: Sunscreen and color cosmetics

Suggested Use Level: 15%

Comments: Highly hydrophobic TiO2 with outstanding transparency. Excellent for sun, skin and color cosmetics, alumina free, and suitable for products with a "natural" claim.


INCI: Titanium dioxide, silica, methicone

Applications: Sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: 10-25%

Comments: Hydrophobic and transparent silica-coated grade for sun care products. Alumina tree and fully compatible with butyl methoxydibenzoymethane in countries where the combination is permitted.

Evonik Goldschmidt Corp.

Hopewell, VA

Tel: 800-446-809


Website: www.evonik.convpersonal-care


INCI: Cetyl PFG/PPG 10/1 dimethicone

Applications: Sunscreen, sunblock, after sun lotions and creams

Suggested Use Level: 0.5-2.5%

Comments: Versatile high molecular weight silicone W/O emulsifier featuring the ideal choice for a wide range of W/O formulations. Abil EM 180 is efficient at low usage concentration (0.5%) and as a liquid product easy to handle in hot or cold processing.

Grant Industries

Rim wood Park, KJ

Tel: 201-701-8700




INCI: Polymethylsilsesquioxane

Applications: Improved aesthetics of sun care formulas

Suggested Use Level: 2-5%

Comments: Improves the unpleasant sensorial attributes of both organic and inorganic UV filters


INCI: Titanium dioxide (and) coconut alkanes (and) stearic acid (and) oolyhydroxystearic acid (and) alumina (and) coco-capiylate/caprate

Applications: Inorganic sunscreen dispersion

Suggested Use Level: Depends on desired SPF

Comments: 60% dispersion of titanium

dioxide in volatile coconut alkanes


INCI: Titanium dioxide (and) dimethicone (and) hexyl laurate (and) PEG-10 dimethicone (and) polyglvceiyl-4 isostearate (and) stearic acid (and) alumina

Applications: Inorganic sunscreen dispersion

Suggested Use Level: Depends on desired SPF

Comments: 40% dispersion of titanium dioxide in dimethicone

HallStar Italia Srl - B&T Company

Arcore (MB) Italy

Tel: -k39 039 6180447




INCI: Sorbitan olivate

Suggested Use Levels: 1-4%

Applications: Sunscreens, facial skin care and color cosmetics.

Comments: Olivem 900 is a PEG free co emulsifier For W/O and W/S systems that is designed to improve the dispersion of the inorganic UV filters in sun care and powders in decorative formulations. Its film benefits allow it to provide water resistance properties. It is compatible with silicones, which allows formulators to develop systems containing all the natural virtues of the olive oil compounds, including more pleasant emulsions with optimized stability and viscosity, making it-ideal for sun care formulations.

Jeen International Corporation

Fairfield, NJ

Tel: 473-439-1401




INCI: Polyethylene, sodium polyacrylate

Suggested Use Levels: 1-20%

Applications: Sunscreens (organic and inorganic), stick products, after-sun treatment, wide range of skin care applications

Comments: Enhanced water dispersibility of various waxes through patent-pending, cold process, Jeesperse CPW technology allows easy introduction of the narrow molecular weight polyethylene wax in this product into a variety Of sun care formulation types. Jeesperse CPW-3 improves formulation water resistance while simultaneously enhancing sunscreen film integrity leading to SPF-hoosting capabilities.


INCI: Dimethicone, dimethiconol, laureth-4, iaureth-23 Suggested Use Levels: 1 8%

Applications: Sunscreens, sprays, conditioners, lotions for skin and hair care

Comments: Unique water dispersible silicone emulsion. Small particle size results in excellent film formation for sun care product applications. Jeesilc 6056 imparts a soft, silky-feet vet also improves water resistance. Light enough to be used in a wide range of sun, skin and hair care spray products.


INCI: Polyethylene

Suggested Use Level: 1-8%

Applications: Sunscreens, color cosmetics, related skin and sun products

Comments: Low molecular weight and tight melt point range allows easy incorporation into sunscreens as well as a wide range of related formulations. Provides effective rheology control from emulsion sunscreens to anhydrous personal care products. A superior film-former, Jeenate 3H enhances water resistance and increases film thickness on the skin, which provides further applicability in sunscreens.

Kobo Products

South Plainfield, NJ

Tel: 908-941-3409




INCI: Titanium dioxide (and) acrylates copolymer (and) hydrated silica (and) algin (and) aluminum hydroxide

Applications: Sunscreens, pressed powders, liquid foundations

Suggested Use Level: 3-10% dependent on formula

Comments: Composite ACT-50 is a non-nano composite powder containing attenuation grade TiO2 entrapped within an acrylates copolymer matrix. Kobo's process reduces the agglomeration of Ti02 aggregates, enabling the creation of a product that offer's high SPF efficacy; low whitening effect and better tactile properties.


INCI: Argania spinosa kernel oil (and) tocopheryl acetate (and) bisabolol

Application: Sunscreens, liquid foundations, hot pours

Suggested Use Level; 3-5%

Comments: SunBoost ATB is a unique blend of antioxidants, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents. When used in sunscreens, Sunboost ATB can boost SPF scores by more than 30%, while delivering multiple antioxidant benefits such as anti-aging, hydration, rejuvenation and anti-irritation.

Lipo Chemicals, Inc.

Paterson, NJ

Tel: 973-345-8600




INCI: PPG-26 oleate

Applications: Sunblock and sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: Up to 10%

Comments: Liponate OP-26 is a good solubilizer for oxyben-zone and avobenzone powder sunscreen actives. At the maximum OTC use levels of 6% oxybenzone or 3% avobenzone, Liponate OP-26 solubilizes these sunscreen actives and prevents re-crystallization. The secondary benefit is an aesthetically-pleasing medium to moderate emollient feel.

Lubrizol, Noveon Consumer Specialties

Cleveland, OH

Tel: 216-447-5000




INCI: Sodium acrylates/beheneth-25 methaerylate crosspolymer (and) hydrogenated polydecene (and) lauryl glucoside

Applications: Sunblock, sunscreens, after sun

Suggested Use Level: Recommended use level is 1-6 wt% polymer as-is

Comments: Novemer EC-2 polymer can be used in sun care formulations where water-soluble UV filters and inorganic pigments are used as it demonstrates superior performance with mono- and multivalent electrolytes. It provides efficiency as a thickener, stabilizer, and primary or auxiliary emulsifier, with improved electrolyte tolerance; and unique sensory properties in finished formulations ranging from sprayable thin lotions to high viscosity creams.


INCI: Cocoyl adipic acid/trimcthylolpropane copolymer

Applications; Sunblock, sunscreens, after sun

Suggested Use Level: 0.5-5.0 wt%

Comments: Schercemol CATC ester offers the comfort and targeted delivery of a heavy ester with the high slip and low tack of a light ester. It is used to provide substantivity, targeted delivery, water and sweat resistance in skin care and sun care applications.

Mibelie Biochemistry

Buchs, Switzerland

Tel: +41 62 836 17 31




INCI: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) sprout extract (and) tocopherols (and) glycerin (and) lecithin (and) phenoxyetha-nol (and) aqua/water

Applications: Sun care, day care formulation

Suggested Use Level: 1-2 % Comments: Based on sunflower shoo! extract SunActin significantly reinforces the protective effects of sunscreens in regard to the formation of sunburn cells, the release of MMPs and the reduction of oxidative stress. SunActin won 2011 the Frost &Sullivan award., category: dermatological active.

Natural Plant Products

Salem, OR

Tel: 503-363-6402


Website: www.


INCI (PCPC): Raphanus sativum (radish) seed oil

INCI (EU): Raphanus sativas seed oil Applications: Sunblock, sunscreen, after sun

Suggested Use Level: 3%

Comments: Daikon radish oil's fatty acid composition distinguishes it from other nat ural oils used in the personal care industry'. The result of this unique chemistry is a delicate, non oily feel on the skin and extraordinarily light color and absence of odor.

Rahn AG

Zurich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 44 315 42 00




INCI: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil ethyl fen-date, polyglyceryl-5 trioleate, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, water, disodium uridine phosphate

Applications: Sunscreen and after sun

Suggested Use Level: 0.5-4%

Comments: Celligent is effective cell and DNA protection. The active ingredient complex has been especially developed for treating UV-stressed skin. The composition of carnosolic acid and ethyl ferulate fights against free radicals that damage skin cells thus effectively preventing the occurrence of UV damage. The uridine monophosphate component, one of the pre-cursors to DNA synthesis, also supports the cells in repairing their DNA.


INCI: Water, melissa officinalis leaf extract, disodium rutinyl disulfate, hordeum distkhou (barley) extract

Applications: Sunscreen and after sun

Suggested Use Level: 0.2-5%

Comments: Radicare is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits the development of free radicals and actively combats those that already exist. Rosmarinic acid from lemon balm is an extremely efficient radical scavenger. The flavonoid rutin synergistically supports the effect of the rosmarinic acid. The trace elements Mm, Zn and Se from barley extract support the enzymatic neutralization of ROS (reactive oxygen species).


INCI: Glycerin, water, olea europaea (olive) leaf extract ascorbyl glucoside, zinc PCA

Applications: sunscreen and after sun

Suggested Use Level: 3-7%

Comments: Age and sun are the main factors initiating the formation of age spots. Associated with this is the development of the sun-induced pigment melanin and the age-related waste pigment lipofuscin. Illumiscin prevents the formation of both pigments and is thus highly effective against age spots.


Cranbury, NJ

Tel: 609-860-4000




INCI: Polyacrylate-33

Applications: Rheology modifier, thickener

Suggested Use Level: 6.5-11% as is

Comments: Rhcomcr 33 has been designed to provide good stablizing performance with pleasing aesthetics. Rheomer 33 provides great suspension and emulsion stabilization, while providing pleasing spreadability and a lack of stringiness.

Sabinsa Corporation

East Windsor, NJ

Tel: 732-777 11 11




INCI: Pteroearpus marsupium bark extract

Applications: Alter sun

Suggested Use Level: 0.1-0.5% w/w

Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

Saint-Ouen-L'Aumone, France

Tel: 1-33 1 34 48 57 00




INCI: Acivlates copolymer Applications: sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: 0.3-30%

Comments: Covacryl MT10 is an aqueous acrylate copolymer based film-former which confers to sunsereen's formulas excellent waterproof properties and boosts SIT results. Easy to introduce in formulations, Covacryl MT10 is compatible with a wide range of pH and salt concentrations.

Shin-Etsu Silicones of America

Akron, OH

Tel: 330-630-9860, 800-344 1745

Fax: 330-630-9855




INCI name: Isododecane (and) dimethicone/vinvldimethicone crosspolymer

Suggested Use Levels: 1 -90%; Emulsions: 2-25%, Anhydrous: 15-90%, Hair products; 1-30%

Applications: Skin lotions and creams; anti aging products; sun care products (clear anhydrous creams, lotions, creams, self-tanners); fragrance gels; Color cosmetics (found., shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, blushers, etc.); anhydrous serums, gels, waxes; Flair Styling products (cuticle coats, gels, emulsions, etc.); and hair conditioners

Comments: The USG silicone elastomer series is a patented multi-functional sensory enhancer series designed to be a cost-effective solution for the formulation chemists. USG106 is a crosslinked silicone elastomer gel in isododecane. The product offers an exceptional cushioning (from the elastomer gel), silky, smooth and elegant skin feel during application. The product dries down to a silky, powdery after feel with long lasting effects. The excellent-compatibility with organic UV filters al lows the formulation of a clear anhydrous sunscreen. The product is designed to be an effective thickener for silicone oils as well as organic esters and oils. When added to the oil phase, it helps to stabilize both w/o and o/w emulsions. It is the sensory choice that delivers a luxurious skin feel with an affordable price.


INCI name: Dimethicone (and) acrylates/dimethicone copolymer

Suggested Use Levels: 2.5-30%;

Emulsions: 2.5-10%; Anhydrous: 15-30% Applications: Skin lotions & creams; Anti aging products; Sun care products: lotions, creams, self-tanners; Color cosmetics: foundations, eye shadows, mas caras, lipsticks, blushers, etc; pigment treatment

Comments: KP-5451. is a 40% active silicone grafted silicone-acrylale film former in 2cS dimethicone (DM Fluid 2-cs). It is designed to be a durable, smooth, and pliable film for applications requiring long lasting and anti-transfer properties. The poly-acrylate backbone offers strong adhesion to substrates; the grafted paly-siloxane polymers offer hydrophobicity, flexibility and aesthetically pleasing skin feel. Upon drying, the film is water- and sebum resistant. The product is silicone and organic compatible. It is useful in boosting the water resistance of o/w sun screen formulations, ft is also an excellent detackifier for organic UV filters. It is also useful in plasticizing MQ resin film former for improved skin feel and film flexibility. KF-7312L

INCI: Dimethicone (and) trimethylsiloxvsilica

Suggested Use Levels: 2-30%; Emulsions: 2 30%; Anhydrous: 2-30% Applications: Skin lotions & creams; Anti-aging products; Sun care (lotions, creams, self-tanners); Color cosmetics (found-, shad ows, mascaras, lipstick, blushers, etc.)

Comments: K.F-7.T12L is a 50% active silicone MQ resin film former in 2cS Dimethicone (DM Fluid2-es). it is designed to be a durable film-former for applications requiring long-lasting and anti-transfer properties. The high molecular weight of the resin affords superior durability when compared with some existing MQ resins. The product is useful in boosting SPE enhancing water resistance and with good skin feel. When used in combination with the silicone-acrylate film former, the resultant film is flexible, with good skin feel and with excellent water resistance. Typical ratio MQ/KP ranges from 2/1 to 1/1


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tel: 800-915-0066

Email:, Website:


INCI: Castor isosteareate succinate

Applications: Sunscreen, sunblock, aftersun

Suggested Use Level: 1.0-5.0%

Comments: Zenigloss is a natural based, oil soluble polymer that will provide excellent film forming properties. It helps increase film thickness, thereby increasing SPF performance. This unique polymer will aid in increasing formulation substantively while providing SPF enhancement and texturizing properties. ESSACHEM BW

INCI: Behenvl olivate

Applications: Sun care, sunblock

Suggested Use Level: 4.0-6.0%

Comments: Essachem BW is a primary oil gelling agent that will increase the thickness of the organic sunscreen phase thus oplimizing SPF performance. This natural-based gelling agent will aid in stabilizing emulsions by thickening the oil phase and will enhance the aesthetics of the formulation.


INCI: Octyl dodecanol, beeswax

Applications: Sunscreen, sunblock, aftersun

Suggested Use Level: 3.0-5.0%

Comments: Zenibee Cream is a unique absorption base that will improve the moisturization attributes of the formulation through enhancing barrier properties. This natural-based complex will also enhance sensory and texture functionality.

TRI-K Industries, Inc.

Denville, NJ

Tel: 201-750-1055




INCI: Titanium dioxide and aluminum hydroxide and stearic acid

Application: Sunscreen Suggested Use Level: up to 25%

Comments: TRIshield T-110 is a hydro-phobic grade of titanium dioxide suitable for high SPF formulas in sun and skin care applications. It is easy to disperse which maximizes its SPF boosting capabilities with a minimal addition of product.


INCI: Titanium dioxide and aluminum hydroxide and methicone

Application: Sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: up to 25%

Comments: TRIshield TS-510 is a hydrophobic grade of titanium dioxide with a superior coating to allow for easy dispersion and stability in fomuilatioris with a high level of silicones. Excellent for use in skin care and makeup applications with SPF claims.


INCI: Zinc oxide

Application: Sunscreen

Suggested Use Level: up to 25% Comments: TRIshield 2-250 is a hydrophilic non-nano grade of ZnO powder with excellent transparency and compatibility with common organic sunscreens for high SPF formulas, ft is statable for natural formulations and meets (JSP requirements.

Vivimed Labs USA

Monmouth Junction, NJ

Tel: 732-398-0008




INCI: Phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid

Application: UVA/B Filter

Suggested Use Level: 4% in US & Austaralia; 8% in Canada & EU

Comments: Excellent water-soluble UVB (slight UVA) absorber feat offers a light feel to sunscreen formulations.
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