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New suction drying technology of FTNON for salads, vegetables and fruit.

During Fruit Logistica 2006 Berlin, Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V. (FTNON) in Almelo in the Netherlands, presented one of its newest drying technologies.

Next to centrifuging and STIR[R] drying, FTNON has a unique suction drying technology too. A technology whereby adhering moisture is removed from the product with the help of especially by FTNON developed ventilators and suction points.

The installation is particularly suitable for the safe drying of products like fruit, shredded Iceberg and various sorts of relatively hard vegetable products like soup mixes and stir fry mixes. Further it can be used for pre-drying fragile salads.

The aim of this new drying technique is a perfect-looking end product, which is beautifully fresh, even when the consume by date is reached. And which is produced in the most energy-efficient way. Besides that, the suction drying system can be used for reclaiming shelf life lengthening agents.

Contact Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B. V. on tel. (+31) 546 574 222 or visit
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Title Annotation:PLANT & EQUIPMENT
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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