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New subset discs from Compendex*Plus.

New Subset Discs from Compendex*Plus

Ei/Engineering Information, Inc. has released two additions to its new CD-ROM series. The new additions, subsets based on the Compendex*Plus database, are Ei EEDisc for electrical and computer engineering, with one million abstracts of journal and conference proceedings, and Ei Energy/Environment Disc, with 700,000 records.

Compendex*Plus, the electronic twin of The Engineering Index, was in print and online when Ei released it as a CD-ROM in 1989 under Dialog OnDisc. Compendex*Plus covers journals and conferences in all engineering disciplines and is the largest engineering database in the world.

The Ei EEDisc, the first to be released in its field, targets research in computer science, acoustics and noise, digital and fiber optics communications, artificial intelligence, lasers, optics and image processing, and electric and electronic circuits. Among the many source materials included are IEEE journals and conferences, ACM transactions, IEE journals and colloquia, and SPIE proceedings and publications.

The Ei Energy/Environment Disc includes all important applied engineering records in the rapidly-changing fields of environmental protection, energy conservation, storage and management, coal and petroleum, automotive engineering, air conditioning and space heating, pollution, direct energy conversion, nuclear fusion, solar energy, and water disposal and treatment. The CD-ROM is an expanded electronic version of Ei's print The Energy Abstracts.

Both subsets, released on Dialog OnDisc, offer ten years of current and retrospective records, updated quarterly. The subscriptions are also available with a five-year backfile.

As an added convenience, Ei disc subscribers can save their search strategy and, using telecommunications access imbedded in the CD software, switch to Compendex*Plus online without re-keying, for monthly updates or broader information on related topics. The Dialog Easy Menu Search mode gives new users an intuitive gateway to searching the CD-ROM while experienced searchers familiar with Dialog Command Search language can utilize the more sophisticated procedures traditionally employed online.

Announcing the new serials, Ei President Dr. John J. Regazzi said, "EI is committed to meeting the diverse research needs of the engineering community worldwide, from the corporate lab in Silicon Valley to the university library in Taiwan. Ei's growing series of CD-ROM subset discs responds to their need for comprehensive, targeted research tools at affordable prices."

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Publication:Information Today
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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