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New streetlight will show the way for disabled resident.

The county has had a change of heart over a request for a streetlight at 39 Church St., Scotland for a disabled person who needs access to visit his mother.

County staff had recommended that the streetlight be turned down because the municipality had already illuminated the road adequately under Transport Canada guidelines.

Existing streetlights are located about 150 metres and 225 metres east of the requested location. Norwich Road, the access road to the subdivision, begins about 300 metres west of 39 Church St.

A staff report by Rick Knap, Road Operations Technologist, noted that more than one streetlight would be required to properly illuminate the section of Church Street, depending on the wattage of the streetlight bulb. It would cost between $3,000 and $5,000 to install, connect and energize one streetlight, plus another $1,500 for LED lighting.

On Nov. 8 Donna Burggraeve, who lived in the north end of Scotland, appeared before the Public Works Committee. She told the committee that 39 Church St. was the location of the home of her disabled son.

She said a lack of visibility on the roadway from her son's home to her home prevented him from visiting. She argued that the county had a duty to address issues surrounding accessibility.

She also offered to pay for a portion of the streetlight's installation and said that she believed that one streetlight would be sufficient to provide enough visibility.

The committee discussed whether additional streetlights would be necessary in order to achieve a continuous lit area between 39 Church St. and the subdivision to the north. The roads operations manager explained that the area in question may need to be reconstructed as an urban cross-section in the future, and that full illumination would be considered at that time. He also noted that accessibility guidelines did not reference streetlights or the installation of new sidewalks.

On Nov. 15, council reconsidered its previous resolution to deny the streetlight and voted to proceed with the installation. ProQuip International of Brantford will donate money to help pay for the streetlight.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Nov 25, 2011
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