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New standards in high-performance vision. (DVT).

Legend 520

The most affordable machine vision sensor in the industry utilizes CMOS imaging technology for complete machine vision inspections, barcode reading and OCR. Ethernet-ready and value priced.

Legend 530

The smallest, Ethernet-ready vision sensor on the market, Features increased performance and on-camera control of up to 4 external lights for imaging high-speed motion. Coordinate data for robot control, OCR, barcode reading and machine vision inspection. Powerful and affordable.

Legend 540

Real-time machine vision inspections at the fastest speeds ever known. The Legend 540 inspectus up to 9,000 parts per minute and delivers 8 times the performance of traditional smart cameras. Built-in Ethernet connectivity.

Legend 542C

Color recognition and high-speed inspections at a smart camera price. The Legend 542C introduces color inspections with powerful tools like "one touch" color learning and color segmentation. Internet-enabled.

Legend 544

1280 x 1024 resolution means ultra-precise inspections at the highest resolutions ever known in smart camera technology. The Legend 544 detects microscopic flaws and even reads heavily distorted barcodes--all at ultra-high speeds. Built-in Ethernet for easy integration.

Legend 544C

Full color inspections at 1280 x 1024 resolution make this mega-pixel machine vision sensor the best value in the industry. Suitable for the fastest manufacturing lines, the Legend 544C offers OCR, 1 & 2-D barcode reading and precision inspections--in full color. High-end machine vision at a fraction of the cost.


OCR/OCV capabilities with 1 & 2-D code reading/verification at unprec-dented speed. Code blemishes, poor lighting and background inconsistencies present no problems for the IntelligentScanner. Integrated lighting, an ultra-fast processor and built-in Ethernet.


Ideal for demanding color applications, a built-in spectrograph detects even the smallest color deviations. The peak location of the spectrum also monitors for LED quality control. Highly sensitive to color with unlimited color learning capabilities. Thousands less than any comparable system!
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Title Annotation:machine vision systems
Publication:Automotive Design & Production
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Date:Jan 1, 2003
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