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New spider is a real daddy-longlegs; pets corner.

Byline: Scott Miller

Imagine finding a spider with legs that are a foot long or a thick-tailed rat that looks like a squirrel - you would think you were having a nightmare.

But these creatures really do exist. They were discovered, along with many other exotic species, in the Mekong Delta, which makes up part of Vietnam and five other countries.

This treasure trove of animals is a relatively unexplored region full of rivers and dense rainforest.

The World Wildlife Fund say there have been more than 1000 newly discovered species there, such as the Laotian rock rat which was previously thought to be extinct for 11 million years.

Other amazing finds include a pink cyanide-producing dragon millipede and a green pit viper.

So good luck to governments working in the war-torn region to protect the 231,000 square miles of forest and freshwater habitat.


With legs a foot long, these new spiders make even creepier crawlies
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 8, 2009
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