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New spYdaq accessory.

Leading data logging experts, Signatrol have introduced a high power repeater accessory for its spYdaq temperature and humidity monitoring system which enables distances of up to a kilometre between the transmitter and base station to be achieved.

This is ideal for users who wish to log data in remote areas or where locations are scattered, or where radio wave signals are weak.

SpYdaq is a unique temperature and humidity monitoring system (Patent Pending) that offers an affordable alternative to hard wired options. It allows users to deploy sensors in various locations, without the restrictions and cost of hard wiring, and monitor results from a PC, either locally or anywhere in the world via web access with easy to use software.

The spYdaq-HPR Repeater receives signals from spYdaq transmitters and re-transmits them on another frequency and at a higher power level, which enables significant distances between transmitter and base-station to be achieved. This means that there are few limitations on where the site to be monitored is located and users can 'daisy chain' together a number of sites using the same system.

The repeater includes both a receiver and transmitter, which receives incoming packet data from spYdaq transmitters, checks the validity of the packets and re-sends them to the base-station. The receiver and transmitter can be configured to receive and transmit on different sub bands.

Powered by the existing base-station power supply, the repeater has an internal battery backup which will last approximately two days (10 minute transmitter rate, with 16 transmitters, l0mW output) in the event of a total power failure. Additional operating time (up to 5 days) can be achieved by using the spYdaq-APS auxiliary power supply module.

Contact Signatrol on tel 01684 299399 or visit

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Title Annotation:TECHNOLOGY
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 2013
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