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New source of hybrid units. (Keeping Up with Injection Molding).

A new line of hybrid molding presses with electrically driven clamping and hydraulic injection will complement the all-electric and hydraulic presses already offered by JSW Plastics Machinery Inc., Anaheim, Calif. The UPS hybrid line utilizes electric servo motors for highly accurate clamp positioning and hydraulic power to achieve injection speeds around 450 mm/sec. The new line will likely start with a 200-ton model, the 180 UPS. A 385-tonner (350 UPS) may be next. JSW previously developed a hybrid model for an application of the MuCell microcellular foam process from Trexel Inc., Woburn, Mass. JSW (714) 630-5651,
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Title Annotation:JSW Plastics Machinery Inc. offers new line of molding presses
Comment:New source of hybrid units. (Keeping Up with Injection Molding).(JSW Plastics Machinery Inc. offers new line of molding presses)
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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