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New source of D-LFT technology.

PlastiComp, Inc. and Woodshed Technologies, both of Winona, Minn.. have reached a n agreement whereby PlastiComp will market and sell licenses for Woodshed's direct long-fiber thermoplastic (D-LFT) composite manufacturing process. Steve Bowen, president and CEO of PlastiComp, and Ron Hawley, Woodshed president and inventor of the D-LFT technology, agreed that PlastiComp will hold exclusive global marketing rights for Woodshed's D-LFT process. The two men previously collaborated in the launch of Polymer Composites, Inc. of Winona, an LFT pioneer that is now part of Ticona.

In 1999, Hawley developed Woodshed's D-LFT process based on his patented "Pushtrusion" method. Fiber is combined with molten polymer and fed directly into the injection molding barrel while still hot. This in-line process eliminates the need for precompounded pellets, thereby reducing material costs and maintaining longer fiber lengths. The Woodshed technology is compact and retrofittable to conventional injection machines. PlastiComp: (507) 313-1746, www.plasticomp.comm
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Title Annotation:Composites
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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