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New society will preserve heritage buildings.

On Tuesday, May 8 a new group came together at the Paris Museum and Archives to continue the work to save the Old Town Hall and other architectural heritage buildings in the community of Paris and the County of Brant.

Most of the people in attendance put their stamp of approval on the new group by purchasing a membership.

The new group is the Society for the Preservation of Paris Heritage or SPPAH.

The first item on the agenda was a presentation in absentia to Deano Wilson Rouse for alerting the residents of Paris and Brant county council to the significance of the Old Town Hall at 13 Burwell St. in Paris. With her late husband Vic and other interested citizens they formed a not-for-profit corporation in a bid to save the historical structure. Thank you to Deano and everyone who worked so hard to create public awareness about the Old Town Hall.

Elections for the board were conducted by Mayor Ron Eddy and a full slate of officers for the board was achieved. Those agreeing to be on the board are Mark Mahn, Roy Haggart, Bob Hasler, Layla Protopapa, Janet Snaith, Mike Sywyk, and Marilyn McCulloch.

The group of enthusiastic citizens who attended the meeting commented on the constitution and bylaws after which there was a unanimous vote to accept the constitution and bylaws with amendments.

The new society will become incorporated with the Ontario Historical Society which offers several benefits including reaching a wider scope of individuals who have an interest in heritage properties.

Bob Hasler entertained us with a projected presentation of An ArmchairWalkingTouralongGrand River Street North covering a 100-year period using old postcards. It was indeed enlightening to see the number of old buildings that have disappeared.

Membership in this new committee are available at Green Heron Books, Paris Museum and Archives, and the County of Brant office. For information, call president Bob Hasler at 442-1220.

Marilyn McCulloch Paris
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Author:McCulloch, Marilyn
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Date:May 25, 2012
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