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New slide detector adapters from JGR Optics.

A new range of slide detector adapters designed to allow quick and easy testing of cable assemblies with different connectors on each end is available from JGR Optics.

The company says the new design makes changing adapters at least four times faster, plus they can mount to JGR's re-developed integrating sphere that has a wider aperture (11mm) to accommodate Duplex LC assemblies. This increases testing speed because the ends connected to the detector do not need to be touched while testing the cable assembly.

The adapters have been developed with automation in mind, where even a robot can change the detector adapters with ease. The company looked at the growing demand for Duplex LCs, the many complex cable assemblies with a variety of connector types, and the future with automation. Existing JGR equipment can be upgraded to take advantage of the new design.

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT UPDATE
Publication:Fibre Systems
Date:Jun 22, 2019
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