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New site offers broad scope of REIT data.

For the first time, there is an easy access, cost-effective resource that answers all questions pertaining to real estate investment trusts (REITs). Now, investors, researchers and real estate advisors are just a click away from comprehensive data on REITs and other real estate securities that had not previously been available in one place. This resource is a newly launched Internet Web site called, a joint venture between ASSETrac Information Services and the Center for Real Estate Studies at Indiana University School of Business. provides real estate information with a buy-side perspective. This differs dramatically from the sell-side slant that is generally available in the marketplace. Dow Jones Investment Advisor called the site "one of the best virtual doors to the otherwise obscure realm of REITs."

Founders of the site are Joyce F. Geiger, ASSETrac Managing Director, and Jeffrey D. Fisher, director of the Center for Real Estate Studies and professor of Finance and Real Estate at the Indiana University School of Business. They developed to provide unbiased investment information about REITs and a method for researching REITs that meet specified investment criteria.

REITNet offers a vast array of information products that include subscription, pay-per-view and free services that range from directory services and financial data, to news and industry statistics, to a primer on the basics of REIT investing.

REITNet online is composed of 10 sections: Subscription based service includes REITSearch, RealSource, REITLocator, RETrac and REIT Metrics. Free services include "REITs 101," Glossary, Web RESources, RealNet-News and MarkeTrac.

REITSearch and REITLocator offer varying degrees of REIT contact and corporate profile data. REITSearch, a proprietary subscription or pay-per-view directory, is the more comprehensive of the two, with profiles of corporate officers, board of directors and corporate affiliations for over 200 public REITs, 80 private REiTs and 75 international REITs.

RealSource is a treasure trove of information, containing more than 15,000 abstracts from 40 real estate academic and professional journals. The RealSource search engine helps users find specific journal articles or search for information on general topics.

RETrac and MarkeTrac are composed primarily of statistical tables. Examples of RETrac tables include Stock Performance Trends, Real Estate Fund Profiles and Offerings Pipeline. RETrac offers stock performance statistics in a variety of industry groupings such as Investment and Property Focus. MarkeTrac tables include national as well as regional and/or MSA-specific economic and real estate market trends.

RealNet-News is a securitized real estate news service providing daily news updates from a variety of sources, as well as a searchable archive of past abstracts. Abstract categories include REIT industry, property, corporate and financial topics.

"REITs 101 "explains the basics of investing in real estate investment trusts. The Glossary contains access to definitions for over 1,500 teal estate industry terms. Web RESources is useful to both academics and professionals conducting research via the Web. It provides information as well as the URL address for a multitude of real estate-related sites.

ASSETrac Information Services is a division of IBC Financial Data. In addition to, ASSETrac's other services include REITMonitor, an innovative new data service that tracks approximately 20,000 REIT-owned properties as well as provides a comprehensive source of corporate and financial detail, including historical performance; and RealEstateTrac, a resource available on The Bloomberg for monitoring and evaluating real estate securities, including REITs. ASSETrac also offers the REITSearch Business Profile & Contact Directory in a stand-alone version and makes it available through an annual subscription. Subscribers receive a hard copy directory and disk set.

For additional information call (973) 566-9300.
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Title Annotation:Focus on: Energy, Technology & Conservation; real estate investment trusts
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Date:Sep 16, 1998
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