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New series' casters and wheels are rated up to 10 mph.

A brand-new, heavy duty, high-capacity caster and wheel series has wheels rated up to 10 mph. Aside from its unique wheel rating, the series is also known for its rubber threads (known as Renegade Black and White Rubber Press-On Wheels) and polyurethane treads (ranging from the Renegade Press-on Poly, to the Renegade MAX Poly, to the Renegade Ultra Press-on Poly) for all-purpose indoor usage, extremely tough terrain and 24/7 or outdoor applications, respectively. In addition, the series' casters are also rated up to 10 mph, from the Spinfinity Maintenance-Free Super Endurance Dual Wheel Casters, to the Spinfinity Maxi-Duty Dual Wheel Kingpinless Casters. Hamilton Caster & Mfg.,

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT Showcase
Publication:Modern Materials Handling
Date:Dec 1, 2019
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