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New resin products: the following listing includes resin products introduced to the printing ink industry in the past year.

BASF Corporation

1609 Biddle Ave.

Wyandotte MI 48192

Tel: (800) 231-7868


E-mail: or

New Products:

* Joncryl HSD 201

Comments: A high solids, low VOC, pigment dispersion resin for flexible packaging inks. Joncryl HSD 201 resin enables ink manufacturers to provide inks that are 5-10 points higher in gloss, and 10-20% more opaque versus inks based on nitrocellulose resin.

* Joncryl 2350

Comments: Joncryl 2350 is a non-film-forming styrene acrylic emulsion that is designed for high performance paper, paperboard and corrugated ink systems.

* Joncryl 2350

Comments: Joncryl 2350 allows the manufacturing of viscosity stable printing inks with excellent gloss and holdout. Joncryl 2350 can also be used to manufacture high gloss overprint varnishes for tobacco and other low VOC, low odor applications.

* Joncryl 1612

Comments: A high gloss film forming emulsion designed to be used as a letdown vehicle in inks for paper and paperboard applications.

* Joncryl 1612

Comments: Joncryl 1612 offers high gloss, excellent transfer and printability in both gravure and flexographic ink and overprint varnish formulations.

* Laromer LR 9013

Comments: Laromer LR 9013 is a modified unsaturated acrylate especially for pigment dispersion for UV/EB curable flexo, offset and screen printing inks.

DSM NeoResins+

Sluisweg 12

5145 PE Waalwijk

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 416 689 899



New Products:

* NeoRez U-430

* NeoRez U-431

* NeoCryl BT-106

* NeoRez R-1500

* NeoRad P-90

* NeoRad P-60

* NeoRad P-61

* NeoRad P-81

Comments: DSM NeoResins has developed a wide range of new resins. Among the examples of recent innovations by DSM are its latest urethane, NeoRez 0-431, which can be used for printing on low quality substrates, and NeoCryl BT-106, its latest cost effective emulsions for paper and board. NeoRad R-1500, a UV curable soft feel resin, is DSM NeoResins' latest addition to its range of soft feel resins.

Hexion Specialty Chemicals

99 East Cottage Ave.

Carpentersville, IL 60110

Tel: (866) 443-9466 (customer service); (888) 243-8698 (technical service)



New Products:

* ECO-REZ 9710

* ECO-REZ 9711

* ECO-REZ 9730

* ECO-REZ 9760

Comments: The new ECO-REZ product platform is available in flaked and solution form. In addition, the new ECO-SET sheetfed and ECO-WEB web offset varnishes have been developed using all new ECO-REZ rosin resin. Hexion Specialty Chemicals feels it is important to support the efforts of the printing industry to become more sustainable through greener chemistries.

ECO-REZ resins utilize a phenol-free platform, providing greener chemistry formulation while delivering improved performance. More than 80% of the product is formulated from renewable sources, a 20% increase over existing technology.

ECO-REZ 9710,9711, 9730 and 9760 have the necessary physical properties, fountain solution stability, rheological stability, rheological structure at lower tacks, excellent setting and solvent release properties.

ECO-REZ 9710 is a pigment wetting resin with high renewable content, outstanding lithographic and pigment wetting properties.

ECO-REZ 9711 is a low structure resin with high renewable content. ECO-REZ 9711 is a rheological adjusting resin with outstanding litho properties.

ECO-REZ 9730 is a moderately structured resin with outstanding lithographic properties for high-speed offset inks with high renewable content.

ECO-REZ 9760 is highly structured, offering outstanding water balance with high renewable content.
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