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New report shows how big businesses can cut cost.

A new report shows how enterprises can make significant cost savings by taking an efficient approach to the management of their software assets.

The freely-available report, Managing Software Estates in the Enterprise, puts forward the case for software asset management (SAM) within big businesses. It is the latest whitepaper from the Software Industry Research Board (SIRB), an association created by vendors including Microsoft, Symantec and FrontRange Solutions aimed at improving software management.

Larger enterprises can spend tens of millions on technology annually, and software is one of the biggest single elements of enterprise technology, typically around a third of all IT spend. Enterprises could thus be losing millions through inefficient management of applications throughout their lifecycle.

The report shows that by ensuring full visibility and easy management of every piece of software throughout the business, enterprises can ensure that they minimise the costs of software acquisition, rationalise licences, make use of redundant assets and protect themselves from financial penalties for accidental under-licensing.

The SIRB chairman and FrontRange Solutions ITAM director, Matt Fisher, said: "In these uncertain economic times, enterprises face the twin challenges of cutting costs, yet remaining competitive and ensuring that employees have access to the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

"With effective software asset management processes and technologies in place, enterprises can ensure they can keep track of the proliferation of the software applications that they increasingly rely on, ensuring that they eliminate any opportunity for overspend, whether through unnecessary software acquisition, inefficient use of existing assets or through fines for breach of licences," continued Fisher.

"Just as it would be unimaginable for any enterprise not to have full visibility of human or financial resources, it should be equally unthinkable for any large organisation to have no facility to keep track of software assets. That's why we've made our latest report available to any enterprise that wants to turn software from a cost centre into a strategic asset."

In addition to the latest report, previous white papers and research articles published by the SIRB can be downloaded free of charge from

Software Asset Management transforms applications from cost centre to strategic asset
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Publication:Software World
Date:May 1, 2011
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