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New release of Dragon Power Secretary to expand use of speech recognition for MAC.

NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 27, 1997-- A new release of Dragon PowerSecretary, the only speech recognition dictation solution for the MAC OS, was announced today by worldwide speech leader Dragon Systems, Inc.(r) of Newton, MA. The new Version 2.0.7 is now compatible with most Macintosh desktops and portables and delivers improved in recognition accuracy at newly reduced prices.

"In the past Dragon Power Secretary was compatible with a limited number of Macintosh systems, this new expanded compatibility and lower prices will make speech recognition available to many people for the first time," said Roger Matus, Director of Marketing at Dragon Systems.

Dragon PowerSecretary is based exclusively on the technology used in DragonDictate(r) for Windows(r). The software can be used right out of the box and the more it is used, the higher the accuracy and performance. The system automatically adapts the acoustic model to dialects and the language model to speaking patterns during use. It also allows users to dictate, edit, move and format text or data directly into their application while dynamically adjusting to changes in background noise.

Dragon PowerSecretary is offered in three editions. The Power Edition is designed to work with any standard Macintosh application as well as support custom software. The Power Edition has a 60,000 word active vocabulary and offers an extensive 120,000 word integrated dictionary which covers a broad range of topics, places and names.

The Personal Editions were developed to allow the user to dictate into just one application, including Microsoft(r) Word(r), WordPerfect(r), ClarisWorks(r) and FilemakerPro(r). The Personal Editions feature a 32,000 active word vocabulary with the 120,000 word back-up dictionary. The PowerSecretary MED Edition is specifically designed for healthcare professionals combining all of the capabilities of the Power Edition an additional 60,000 medical terms, phrases, abbreviations, and proper names not found in the standard dictionary.

Pricing and Systems Requirements

The Personal Edition of Dragon PowerSecretary 2.0.7 is priced at $395, the Power Edition at $695 and the MED Edition at $995. Version 2.0.7 supports MAC OS Version 7.5 or greater. 68030 or earlier Macintoshes are not supported. Minimum requirement is a 68040 with a Media Vision PAS 16 NuBus Sound card installed, or with a 16-bit sound card.

It requires a 33 MHz 68040 Macintosh (Power Macintosh recommended for best performance) with built-in sound (660AV, 840AV, and 540 PowerBook). Dragon PowerSecretary requires a minimum of 24MB of system RAM and 13MB of RAM for the application itself (32MB of RAM is recommended when using multiple applications). Hard disk storage requires a minimum of 25 MB for the Power/Personal Editions, 40 MB for the MED Edition and 5 MB for each additional user. A complete compatibility list is available on the Dragon Systems web site: .

Award-winning Dragon PowerSecretary is available through Dragon Systems Certified Resellers, select mail order MAC catalogs and directly from Dragon Systems. For sales information and compatibility information call 1-800-TALKTYP.

Dragon Systems, Inc., is the world's leading supplier of PC and MAC speech recognition. The Company develops and markets high- performance, cost-effective speech and language technology tools that, in multiple world languages (American English, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish), enable users to create any text, issue commands, and enter and access data simply by speaking. The company also licenses its technology worldwide through developers, distributors, resellers, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ISVs (Integrated Software Vendors). Dragon Systems ports its technology across multiple operating systems and hardware platforms - from hand-held devices and personal computers to workstations, and is pursuing leading-edge research and development projects for computer and telecommunications applications.

Founded in 1982, Dragon Systems is headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts; its Dragon Systems UK Ltd. subsidiary, which is focused on speech recognition for telephony and high-noise environments, is based in Cheltenham, England; Dragon Systems GmbH is located in Glashtten, Germany in the greater Frankfurt/M. area. -0-

Dragon Systems, PowerSecretary, DragonDictate are registered trademarks of Dragon Systems, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

CONTACT: Dragon Systems, Inc.

Renee L. Blodgett

(617) 965-5200 ext. 348
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Mar 27, 1997
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