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New ratings' 5VMs go live.

The Naval Personnel Development Command (NPDC) released the latest version of each of its 5 Vector Models (5VM) in March, working to achieve its goal of providing every Sailor an active, tailored 5VM this year.

5VM has many new features within the Sailor viewing screen, and now includes both mentor and manager screens, to allow mentors and community managers to access individual models to conduct assessments of progress, and to become more fully involved in Sailor growth and development. Additionally, the Certifications and Qualifications Vector is now available for all ratings having previously gone live, and will now be standard in the release of subsequent rating models.

However, Sailors should bear in mind the functionality of the 5VM is limited by the amount of data available to support the various features. 5VM is based only on occupational data collected through currently linked personnel and training databases, such as the electronic training jacket, and Navy Training Management and Planning System (NTMPS). As this initial data is validated, additional databases will be linked to the model to provide a broader spectrum of information available, thereby increasing functionality. And so, while the current iteration of the model is not capable of promoting, detailing or determining performance rankings, additional training and education data will allow that functionality to be realized.

"Certainly this is an ongoing process, but with every iteration, the 5VM is becoming more functional, more intuitive and more robust," said NPDC Command Master Chief CNOCM (SS/SW/AW) John Snell "The primary goal is to get the models live for everyone, then we will focus our attention on working out the bugs, then it will be on to further upgrades and integrations and adaptations. This truly is the career development and management tool of the future."

Currently, 20 ratings are live, including most recently those within the cryptology and construction force communities. The Centers for Naval Cryptology, Seabees and Facilities Engineering, respectively, announced the release of their ratings' models earlier this year. The Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training has also begun releasing their ratings' models (aircrew survival equipmentman, aviation machinist's mate, aviation maintenance administrationman, aviation structural mechanic [electrical], and aviation support equipment technician) and is slated to have all within their community live by April.

Additionally, the Center for Service Support will be releasing those for both legalman and Navy career counselor within the coming weeks.

"The feedback has been tremendous," said Snell. "We have some data issues, to be sure, and there are technical issues that must be resolved. But I strongly encourage every Sailor to log onto NKO [Navy Knowledge Online] and become intimately familiar with the model, its functions, and what it is going to mean to their future. That way, when their 5VM does go live, they will know what to expect."

Additional ratings are slated for release in the coming months, with those under the Centers for Submarine Learning, Surface Combat Systems, Intelligence and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection being the next big push. For more information on the 5VM and to view the most recent tutorial, log onto NKO at

For related news, visit the Naval Personnel Development Command/Task Force EXCEL Navy NewsStand page at

JO1 Jd Walter who is assigned to the public affairs office, Naval Personnel Development Command, Norfolk.
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Title Annotation:Around the Fleet
Author:Walter, Jd
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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