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New range of non-perforated 'breathable' BOPP film.


Innovia Films has launched its first range of "breathable" biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film--PropaFresh[TM] P2G & P2GAE

This range of specific permeable, non-perforated films is the direct result of work carried out at Innovia Films' research and development facility.

It means that the company can now tailor the rate at which gases--oxygen and carbon dioxide--are able to migrate in and out of a pack through the film itself.

As the PropaFresh[TM] P2G can 'breathe' this means the shelf-life of a range of prepared fresh produce can be extended.

This presents a unique challenge as fresh produce continues to respire following harvesting, processing and packing.

In addition to the new polymer formulation of PropaFresh[TM] P2G, a sister film PropaFresh[TM] P2GAF, has been developed, which provides excellent anti-mist properties.

The feature of PropaFresh[TM] P2G is that it has an oxygen permeability of 3000 (cm/m/24hrs) and CO2 permeability of 12000(cm/m/24hrs), this ratio is maintained, whilst still increasing the volume gas exchange.

The products keep their freshness and shelf appeal, whilst maintaining organoleptic properties. Benefits to the customer using PropaFresh[TM] P2G & P2GAF are heat sealability on both sides, printability, excellent seal integrity, food contact approved and peelable seals to make the pack easy to open.

Innovia Films' market manager for Europe, fresh & chilled foods, Clare McKeown, said: "Being able to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce, even for just two or three days, is extremely valuable not only for producers, retailers and consumers, but also for the environment. The advances we have achieved in polymer technology by developing PropaFresh P2G & P2GAF mean we are able to work with the majority of players in the fruit and vegetable arena to ensure the absolute optimum in-pack conditions for their products."

McKeown added: "Delivering improved shelf life is also key to reducing food waste and fits in with WRAP's 'Love Food, Hate Waste' campaign, that recommends consumers keep prepared fresh produce in the original packaging and refrigerate."

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