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New property accountability team address critical issues.

The Army Deputy Chief of Staff, G-l, has approved a proposal from the Army Combined Arms Support Command to create a skill identifier for personnel who have attended the Theater Logistics Studies Program (TLog) and to code positions in the force structure for those graduates. Logistics officers who receive the new skill identifier, P1, will be slotted into logistics positions in operational logistics units, such as theater sustainment commands, expeditionary sustainment commands, and sustainment brigades, or on joint and multinational staffs.

Establishment of the skill identifier will allow effective tracking of graduates and position requirements, ensuring career-long use of the graduates' knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The Army Logistics Management College at Fort Lee, Virginia, offers TLog to logistics officers in the ranks of O-3 and above who have at least 7 years of service and civilians in the grades of GS-13 and above with at least 5 years of logistics experience. Warrant officers can attend TLog by exception. For more information, view the ALMC course catalog online at
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Publication:Army Logistician
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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