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New program allows sailors to verify medical readiness online.

Navy Medicine Information Systems Support Activity (NAVMISSA), based in San Antonio, recently announced the development of an online program that will support every Sailor.

NAVMISSA's new Web-based application allows Sailors to monitor their individual medical readiness (IMR) status online for the first time.

Sailors can now review IMR medical and dental data from the Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS) via BUPERS Online (BOL). IMR status determines if a Sailor is medically eligible to deploy.

"This additional application within BOL allows Sailors to ensure that all of their IMR requirements are current and see what their current IMR status is," said Elaine A. Shorkey, a NAVMISSA external liaison and project lead.

Maintaining accurate IMR status through MRRS is a high priority within Navy Medicine and directly supports Navy Medicine's goal of a ft and healthy force.

"The ability for individuals to monitor their IMR status will help to promote a healthy naval force and ensure our warfighters are medically prepared to meet their mission," said Capt. Tina L. Ortiz, NAVMISSA commanding officer. "It's every Sailor's responsibility to maintain their individual medical readiness. This tool empowers them to keep track of their IMR status and update it as necessary."

The new application is a module that displays information in an easy-to-follow format that resembles a report card. Sailors can review their physical health assessments, laboratory results, dental readiness, and any medical conditions that may prohibit or limit deployment and post-deployment health assessments. It also shows when immunizations should be administered and when upcoming assessments should be completed. A Sailor's overall IMR status is assessed into one of four categories: fully medically ready, partially medically ready, not medically ready and medical readiness indeterminate.

A fully ready status means the Sailor is current in all medical categories and is not considered at risk to experience a dental emergency, thus deployable worldwide. A partially ready status means the Sailor lacks one or more immunization, laboratory results or medical equipment such as a gas mask insert. These limitations can be quickly resolved and allow the member to deploy once corrected.

Not medically ready means the Sailor has a chronic or prolonged deployment-limiting condition and cannot deploy. This status includes Sailors who are hospitalized or convalescing from serious illness or injury, or they fall into a dental class three - considered to be at an increased risk to experience a dental emergency.



The last category, medical readiness indeterminate, applies to Sailors whose health status cannot be determined because of missing information such as lost medical records or an overdue assessment.

HM2 (SW) Amado A. Rivera is an administrative assistant at Navy Medicine Support Command (NMSC) headquarters, in Jacksonville, Fla., NAVMISSA's parent command.

"The IMR status has long been a potential problem for deploying Sailors," said Rivera, who has served aboard three ships. "IMR verifcation will allow Sailors simple access to helpful medical information as they prepare to deploy."

For Chief Storekeeper (SW) Sierra Elam, NAVMISSA's new Web-based application is a major breakthrough.

"I've served on four ships," said Elam, NMSC command career counselor and administrative leading chief petty officer. "Knowing who's in and who's out could turn a bad situation into a manageable one. For a leading chief, this is ground breaking."

To view medical readiness status, visit and select the "IMR Status" link under the BOL "Application Menu."

Story by Lt. Cmdr. James R. Hagen, Navy Medicine Information Systems

Support Activity, San Antonio.
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Date:Apr 1, 2010
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