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New products.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor or entrepreneur with a newsworthy, new or revised product available to dealers or distributors, let us know!

We have room for about 100 words of text. Pictures should be color if possible. Either transparencies or glossy prints are acceptable. Product releases are printed on a space available basis at the discretion of the editorial staff.

Hand Exerciser

This version of the Grip-Master finger and hand exerciser is now available in an eye-catching blister pack. This model incorporates a sight for hand-eye coordination and a palm-bar, which simulates a pistol handle.

The Grip-Master isolates and flexes each finger on an individual springloaded power button, while the entire hand, wrist and forearms are conditioned and strengthened. It will increase the shooter's control, strength, coordination and endurance.

Etched Knives

Camillus Cutlery introduces its first limited edition offering in the Camillus Safari Series. This series will consist of five knives - each one depicting one of the "Big 5" African animals.

Handles of fine exotic woods native to Africa, an authentic safari-class cartridge head and inert primer are some of the great features of the knives in this series.

The series begins with the Cape Buffalo, one of the most dangerous animals featured in the series.

Chemical Agent Cases

The growing popularity of non-lethal aerosol chemical agents among law enforcement oficers has prompted a complete line of belt cases from Michaels of Oregon.

The Sidekick Professional cases of Cordura[R] nylon come in three sizes with nylon padding to prevent denting of the canisters. They have a rounded flap with a no-wear, no-glar snap in a low position to aid in opening. A tough molded belt loop fits all belts up to 2 1/4 inches.

Trigger Guard Mount

TacStar has made mounting a T-1000 laser to Glock pistols easier than ever with its new Trigger Guard Mount. This new streamline mounting system attaches directly to the trigger guard and requires no alterations to the weapon.

The TGM is machined from aircraft quality 6061 T6 aluminum alloy and has a black anodized finish. The mount holds the T-1000 at a zeroed position for optimum laser sighting.

Human Odor Eliminator

Avoid spooking game with Noel's Trophy Products Odor Stop.

Designed especially for bowhunters who must be within close shooting range, Odor Stop is available as Hand and Body Deodorant Soap and Deer Hunters Spray, to help eliminate human odor.

Ultimate .44

The Desert Eagle Pistol in .44 Magnum, an attention-getting handgun even in its unadorned state, becomes the Ultimate .44 with the addition of a few flourishes to enhance appearance and accuracy.

Magnum Research offers seven custom shop finishes to enhance the Desert Eagle's appearance. For rapid target acquisition, it can be equipped with Aimpoint Series 5000 sight system. To achieve the ultimate in accuracy, any sight system can be refined with the Aimpoint Laserdot frame-mount laser mounted below the pistol's barrel.

Nonslip Grip

This grip features a custom fit wrap around design for pistols, revolvers and tactical weapons. It is specifically designed for serious law enforcement, tactical combat and personal defense purposes. AGRIP is scuff resistant and holds up well to the elements, solvents and oils.

AGRIP improves accuracy and enables quicker handling and follow up shots by helping to control heavy repetitive recoil and reducing hand fatigue.

Hand Cannelure Tool

Corbin Manufacturing bring high-performance bullet seating to the hobby reloader with their Hand Cannelure Tool.

This easy-to-use, steel-frame tool allows the home reloader to apply precise cannelures to most jacketed bullets in calibers from .224 to .458.

The HCT-1 is intended as an economical tool for home bullet making with a volume of a few hundred bullets a day. it has a positive stop for control of cannelure depth, yet can also be operated by "feel" with good results. Position of the cannelure can be set by a base-touching stop screw on the side of the tool.

Backcountry Tent

This is a great tent to take whenever weight and pack size are a concern. Weighing in at only 5 lbs.6 oz., the tentfolds down to a compact 6" x l6", but when set up, it provides a full 4 feet of headroom. With just two poles and clip attachments, the Backcountry is one of the easiest and quickest tents to assemble.

The tent is self-supporting and sleeps two people. The inner roof of the Backcountry is permeable nylon, which lets condensation from inside the tent pass through. The floor and fly are waterproof tafetta nylon.

Grizzly 50

This Grizzly will be chambered for .50 Action Express. It has a Browning type short recoil, with locked breach and a capacity of six rounds. It features a barrel length of 5.4 inches or 6.5 inches. Orders are being taken now and a November delivery date is promised.

Irish Setter Double Boot

This boot is designed on the principle that that two are better than one, featuring an outer layer of leather built over an inner layer of leather to create a boot within a boot. The boot is constructed of two layers of rich antique-brown, waterproof, full grain leather that has a smooth, polished finish to bead away water and resist scrapes and cuts.

They are completely waterproof and insulated with Thinsulate, making them ideal for late season and big game hunting. The boots are lined with a two-layer material that pushes and pulls moisture away from the feet, keeping them warm, dry and comfortable.

Infrared Lens

Escondido Plastics, Inc. has begun production of a high-quality plastic infrared lens. The lenses are manufactured using a heat resistant plastic called Polysulfone. The lenses block out 99 to 100 percent of the visible light from a flashlight using a Krypton, Krypton/Xenon or Halogen light bulb. When the lenses are used with these light sources, they tremendously improve the image received by night visions goggles, night vision scopes, starlight and infrared scopes.

Target Edition Pistol

This .22 LR Mountain Eagle Pistol is made for target shooters with an elongated barrel and accurized precision aiming.

It comes complete with a two-stage target trigger, jewelled bolt and adjustable sights with three interchangeable blades for front and rear. To protect the pistol, a black carrying case molded with the Eagle logo and lined with protective foam is provided with purchase, and can be used to quickly and easily transport the pistol to range or competition.


Make treestand hunting more enjoyable with Alumitech Industries' Speed Steps. This climbing aid is lightweight aluminum, features multidirectional installation capabilities and independent sections of camouflaged material offer a broken outline for maximum concealment.

The design is safer than other methods, with boxed rungs to keep feet from slipping off ends and a four-way contact system that totally eliminates left to right movement.offers an incredible bite, totally eliminating left to right movement..

Laser Style Holster

Tex Shoemaker & Son has designed a line of laser style holsters to accommodate most automatics equipped with laser aiming devices. They are available in styles: Model H-High ride holster with open muzzle,for secure fit and easy access; Model HA-Hanger holster with slight forward cant for comfort and mobility; and Model US-Swivel holster for maximum movement and weapon safety.

The holsters are made of premium top grain leather to keep weapons free from dirt and grit. A double stitched welt and wet-formed leather provide long-lasting comfort and durability.

Magnum Logo Luggage

Magnum Research, Inc. has added luggage to its wide array of accessories. The water-resistant, ballistic nylon travel bags are designed to withstand years of hard use.

The heavy-duty black bags are custom-manufactured for MRI by Alpine USA. Each bag features one or two eagle logos embroidered in gold and a Magnum Research label embroidered in red.

The bags are available in four styles, a travel kit, a small sport & travel bag, a large sport & travel bag, and a garment bag.

Hunting Pack

The Mountain Man Pack features a full-opening front panel for easy loading, so storing large items such as extra clothing and boxes of shells is simpler. In addition, the self-repairing nylon zippers have leather pulls that make it easy for hunters to access important gear in cold weather or while wearing gloves.

The pack has 1,844 cubic inches of storage capacity and was designed to withstand the rigors of the hunt while providing maximum storage capacity.

Ballistic Panels

Industrial Acoustics Company and E.A.R. Inc. will be working together to market high-grade sound silencing panels to the firearms industry. They will be introducing a complete line of products to indoor and outdoor firing ranges.

IAC is staffed by engineers who can assist ranges with acoustical design for maximum performance

Rifle/Shotgun Case

This value-priced scoped rifle/shotgun case is engineered to accommodate high mount scoped rifles, with a case design that is easy to store and transport. The stitched leather texture and contoured shape make the Gun Guard Scoped Rifle/Shotgun case attractive while luggage-grade plastic and dense foam interior provide protection for the gun and scope.

The case is lockable to meet airline regulations and is covered by Doskocil's standard 5-year limited warranty.



"Reloading and Custom Ammo Making" by Ron Dias introduces an innovative method of reloading that shooters need to prepare the ideal load for their rifles.

It features charts, tables and calculations to aid reloading enthusiasts in making their own ammo. The reloading worksheet makes it so simple, anyone can do it.

Dias, a master gunsmith, obtained his tools from Brownells and advocates using Nosler Bullets and RCBS reloading equipment.

Concealment Holster

The model 733 pancake holster is carefully designed to hug the body comfortably and is finished with unsurpassed craftsmanship. It has three belt slot for an adjustable carry angle, allowing the holster to be worn either strong side or cross draw. The rear sight area features an innovative low cut for ease of draw and they is a reinforced paddle thumb break, plus a coated snap to avoid scratching the gun.

Fanny Pack

The Hook & Loop Fanny pack has a padded pistol pocket and a breakaway closure. It has a large main compartment to carry an extra magazine or a wallet, and two zipped pockets for personal belongings. Constructed of Cordura nylon, it is ideal for walking, jogging or taking on a long vacation.

The fanny pack comes in three sizes and left or right hand should be specified when ordering.

Emergency Food Supply

The 72 hour Meals Ready to Eat (MRE's) Emergency food supply contains nine meat entrees, six side dishes, six snacks and three desserts. Theses great tasting MRE's have a shelf life of five to ten years. They will be ready when you need them without slowing you down or wasting your precious time.

MRE's do not need to be refrigerated and they are not freeze dried or dehydrated. They can be eaten cold in emergencies because the contents were fully cooked in the sealed pouch, or they can be placed in boiling water for a hot meal in as little as three minutes.

NoRust Gun Storage

Storage Tech has introduced a new line of NoRust gun Storage Bags. Their are ten different sizes to fit small parts, pistols and three rifle sizes. The NoRust material meets a military specification for rust an corrosion control and lasts up to five years. All at very affordable prices. NoRust Bags are available packaged individually with or without counter display or in bulk quantity prices. Storage Tech can also make special sizes. NoRust Bags will protect anything that can rust.

Lone Eagle

Packing anything from light loads to high-pressure rifle calibers, the Lone Eagle Single-Shot Pistol offers hunters and recreational shooters both flexibility and accuracy. Interchangeable 14-inch barreled actions quickly and easily convert the Lone Eagle to shoot 14 different calibers.

The Lone Eagle's unique rotary action and grip placement make it manageable for even novices to shoot. Behind-the-hand detonation allows recoil to occur straight back without the twisting, torquing action found in many single-shot pistols.

Lockback Knife

The rugged Australian Outback was the inspiration this strong, durable and dependable knife.

Schrade's Outback features a specially engineered pivot assembly utilizing synergistic surface enhancement that provides superior strength and permanent lubricity. The action is smooth as silk, impervious to temperature changes, has superior corrosion resistance and requires no oiling.

The knife is available in in three lockback styles: The SG7, the SG7S with a scalloped cutting edge and thee SG7W with a wood accent set into the snakeskin textured handle.

Vertical Holster

This sturdy vertical shoulder holster for carrying pistols and revolvers equipped with under-barrel lasers is sized to fit four inch barrel medium and intermediate double action reolvers. It also fits large autos and has an extra wide holster body to accommodate lasers that don't extend beyound the muzzle.

Made of Cordura[R] nylon, waterproof closed-cell foam pading and smooth nylon lining, the holster has a retention strap secured to the front by a combination snap and adjustment buckle.

Ammo Slings

Hunters and shooters who want an extra supply of ammunition at their fingertips will find slings from Michaels of Oregon of particular interest.

One of the Cartridge Loop Ultra Padded Slings carries 10 rifle shells in elastic loops and the other has space for nine shotshells. Both slings are made of sturdy nylon with a padded, quilted shoulder pad and tough nylon web straps. The slings have a quick-adjust buckle for length adjustment plus sliders for attaching swivels.

Composite Case Ammo

AMTECH has combined metal and polymers into high-performance, smallcaliber, factory-loaded ammunition. The cases are designed with a patented pressure regulating barrier inside the case and a thermocrimp bullet crimping method.

The unique case construction, when compared to brass, is accurate and ballistically equal to metalic loads.

The advantages of the case include a 25% reduction in weight, reloadability, lower cost than most factory loads and a high volume manufacturing system where ammo is produced at low cost.


Muzzy's introduces the Custom Skinner, a knife every outdoorsman will enjoy using in the field and be proud to own because of its custom design and look.

It is made from special 440-C Steel, tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 58 and buffed to a mirror finish. The knife features a 3-inch skinner blade with handy gut hook and the handle is contoured to fit the hand with finger grooves for a better grip and greater control. The handle is made of rosln-impregnated Rosewood to maintain its quality luster and then set with attractive brass pins.
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