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New products to be seen at Meatex/Foodex.

This year the Meatex/Foodex show celebrates its tenth anniversary. It started out as plain Meatex addressing the meat industry but has now widened its scope and hence the progressive change of name. The exhibition opens its doors on March 22nd and runs for four days at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

There is not the space to describe all the exhibits in detail but make a note to go and see for yourself what is new. Amongst the many items of information we have received, we have noted the following new items will be on show:

NTM Ltd of Ilkeston, Derbyshire will have on show their low fall drainage system that allows a minimum of 120mm from finished floor level to drain outlet whilst retaining a 50mm water trap and sieving basket.

Burnley Packaging Machinery Ltd of Burnley are introducing a new range of sausage wrapping machinery. Their Model 87 bunch wrapping system will be seen wrapping pies, cheeses, sausages and bakery products.

Lin Pac Machinery Services of Watford are launching two new stretchwrapping machines. Designed for overwrapping trays of meat in supermarkets and in small to medium sized meat packaging centres, these are additions to their Waldyssa range. Models W.31 and W.33 are microprocessor-based and designed for easy integrating into lines.

Bryant Ltd of Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire are introducing a new continuous massaging system from Belam. They will also have on display a new range of injectors and a vacuum press with internal clipping.

Food Industry Equipment Europe Ltd of High Wycombe, will be exhibiting their new APS 9800 automatic poultry skinner. Also making its debut at the exhibition will be the PL500 Starflex chicken bagger designed to help operators put whole birds into packaging. A new Challenger hand-held trimmer, called the Proximi-trol, has been developed for smoked salmon.

Frigoscandia Food Process Systems of Kempston, Bedford are launching new freezer and oven technologies at the exhibition. Their PelloFreeze can now be used to freeze semi liquids such as soups and sauces into nuggets. A two stage process is used that includes a first stage liquid nitrogen followed by a mechanical freezer. The GyroCompact 58 is a new width spiral freezer; its belt width is only 58mm. Their DSI portioner is used to calculate the optimum portion size for boneless fillets by using a video camera system. Their Foot freezer features a nitrogen cooled belt which causes a frozen skin to form on the base of products en route to the freezer itself, thus retaining product integrity and preventing adhesion to the belt.

P and L Systems Ltd of Harrogate will be exhibiting two new products. First, a new addition to the range of Insectaflash electronic insect killers; this one replaces their stainless steel unit and conforms to European quality standards. The second item is the Insectascreen, an insect screen for covering doors and windows. Their sister company, Deighton Engineering will have on display the Formatic, a new food forming machine.

Cintex Ltd of Colnbrook, Slough are introducing two new metal detection systems. The Series 1400 is an AutoSearch-based detector incorporating a retracting band conveyor. In addition, visitors will be able to see their Series 7 Meat Inspection detector system that features a 500 by 300mm aperture and is fitted with a heavy duty Intralox conveyor to provide positive drive and tracking.

Rousselet (UK) of Leighton Buzzard will have on display a fully automatic spin dryer for fragile foods. This new model has been designated their PCPC 70Vx and can handle 600-700kg of salad product or 1000-2000kg of grated raw vegetable per hour. This versatile machine uses simple automatic loading and a pusher plate to discharge product at the slow-down stage of its cycle.

GEC Avery Ltd of Warley are demonstrating a new space-saving digital carcass scale that provides fast and accurate weighing of individual carcasses up to 200kg. It features a wall-mounted weigh platform that can be folded back, and the scale occupies less space than a bench-mounted platform.

IFM Industrial Food Machinery Co Ltd of Martock, Somerset are using the show to introduce the RS 1040 continuous vacuum filler. Its 42 litre hopper will appeal to the smaller producer; it combines the proven Risco vane pump and accuracy of portioning with high output. They have also introduced the Debotec range of bowl mixers and piston fillers for the smaller producers. The fillers come in 15, 20 and 30 litre capacities and the mixer/blenders have 30, 50 and 70 litre bowl sizes.

Peter Holland Ltd of Stamford will be showing a complete tray line from Mondini of Italy. This will consist of one of their high speed |compact' tray sealing machines, similar to the one recently installed by Birds Eye at Grimsby. PHL will also have on display a range of product dosers, a rotary pocket filler, the Per-fil cooked rice filler and the Edlund range of non contaminating can openers.

Monoplas Ltd of Epsom have been producing Monile polymer floors for nearly three decades. Now they tell us that Monile subscreeds are available on to which Monile toppings can be applied after just 24 hours, which is rather quicker then with other screeds.

Dellepac Food Systems Ltd of Watford will be introducing a new lidder at the show. Their continuous motion rotary unit is able to seal packs at speeds up to 80 a minute. It is entirely mechanical but electronically controlled. Two other ranges of equipment will be seen on the stand for the first time: Adeco cheese cutting and grating equipment and a Morindo 500kg per hour mixer-blender-extruder linked to a continuous pasta cooker.

Grote International of Wrexham, the international division of J E Grote Co of Ohio, will be showing in Europe for the first time the triple head in-line slicer for the automatic production of Cordon Bleu-style products from one piece of equipment. Ham, cheese or similar products are sliced and discharged in a multi-layered stack at rates up to 120 a minute. Also on display will be their L54 Log Splitter, a machine designed to halve or quarter items like pepperoni, ham or products like luncheon meat on a continuous basis. It features continuous operation and accurate preportioning.

Alfa-Laval Convenience Food Ltd of Newport Pagnell will be showing off their new Tiropack 1000S thermoformer that is intended for the smaller volume user. At the same time they will have on their stand the new VM 600 former with its new PLC controls.

Portals Engineering Ltd of Harwich will launch their Sortaweigh System 400 Multi-System. This incorporates the latest computer technology to ensure fast throughput, ease of operation and minimum product giveaway. It can be used to batch random pieces to exact weights, with preset counts if required, or a split programme can be used for batching different preset weights.

Urschel International Ltd of Groby, Leicester will have the new Model VSC on their stand. This versatile machine is capable of making segments, slabs and square or rectangular strips from a variety of food materials. It employs the same type of cutting technology that has only been available till now on large watergun cutting systems. Their Model M fresh/frozen tempered meat dicer is also new and allows the uniform cutting of large pieces of fresh, frozen tempered or cooked meat at high production capacities. It uses a new knife design that will cut through a wide range of products up to an inch thick.

Jaymech Food Machines Ltd of North Woolwich will have on display their JFM 750 cheese shredding machine that will take a 20kg block of cheese and convert it to the shredded form in less than 30 seconds.

Fibrisol Service Ltd of Acton will be concentrating on the development of light and lean functional systems. An increasing number of complex custom products in a variety of packaging types and sizes is now available. Their latest multi-functional ingredient, called Tapiocaline, gives increased succulence and juiciness to fresh sausage.

D C Norris & Co (Eng) Ltd of Sandy, Bedfordshire will be demonstrating their new cooling system designed for batch producers of sauces or similar products with a liquid base. Product is batch cooked in kettles and transferred hot into transfer vessels without the aid of pumps.

Scanvaegt GB Ltd of Whetstone, Leicester will be launching a new range of automatic graders. New weighbelt technology and enhanced computer software enables these graders to weigh more than 200 items a minute. Other software developments make the new graders less sensitive to product separation.

Proven Systems Ltd of Yate, Bristol, formerly known as Townsend Engineering (UK) Ltd, will be featuring a range of new equipment for which they are the distributors in the UK. The Marlen Varisizer is a whole muscle portioning machine for processing hams or other meats. A Mechtronics bacon packaging machine will be on show; this is designed to fit on a standard Anco slicing line and automate the interleaving of catering or bulk pack bacon. Also new is a Hoegger press that can be loaded automatically - a design advance in meat forming.

F Jahn & Co Ltd of Kings Cross will be showing the versatile MPF filler from Hema Technologies. This unit has been designed to meet the requirements of the ready-meals industry and is capable of depositing a wide range of products, like broccoli, green beans, tuna pieces and cooked rice at high speeds. Also new to the market is their range of LP rotary fillers for liquid products. These are capable of handling particulates up to 5mm in diameter. Hema have also developed an aseptic filling system, their Ultra Clean unit, which can handle pieces up to 30m in diameter.

Vanguard Processing Equipment Ltd of Huddersfield have successfully developed, from their range of Maja derinders and skinners, an automatic poultry skinner. With a cutting width of 17in, it is fully guarded and its thickness of cut is infinitely variable.

Anglia Autoflow Ltd of Diss, Norfolk will be showing a new all-stainless steel tray washing machine capable of handling up to 1000 plastics trays per hour. It incorporates two high pressure wash sections, a cold water rinse and a sanitising section.

Rheon Automatic Machinery GmbH of Dusseldorf, Germany are introducing their Model 208 automatic encrusting machine. This is a compact and versatile co-extruder for food materials.
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