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New product weds Video and Apple IIs.

New Product Weds Video and Apple IIs

Integrating high-quality video into the Apple II environment is the special function of the Apple II Video Overlay Card from Apple Computer, Inc.

For the Apple IIe and IIGS, the new package of hardware and software gives the machines new capabilities for combining text, graphics and video.

The full package is priced at $549 and comprises the add-on board, an RGB cable, a video in/out cable and a manual. Also included is VideoMix software, on both 5.25" and 3.5" disks, to control the blend of video and graphics.

The board features genlock circuitry, which synchronizes an Apple II's timing to the external video source's timing. This allows graphics to be superimposed on top of an external video signal for titling or annotation purposes.

Accepting video input from a videodisc, VCR, video camera or television, the Overlay Video Card has one input and two output connections. Dual output allows teachers and students to see the resulting display on both an RGB and on a composite monitor, or to see the display and to record it on a VCR.

If broadcast-quality (NTSC) video is used as input, the output is also broadcast-quality video and overlay.

The VideoMix software allows educators to adjust the tint and color of video material and to select from seven levels--from full graphics to full video--of video/graphics mix.

Educational applications include custom-titled video sequences; video reports on books, projects or field trips; annotated interactive videodisc instruction; and presentations by teachers, administrators and students.

A number of third-party software packages are also compatible with the card. These include authoring systems, paint, animation, titling and presentation programs.

"We think it's a great product for the installed base of Apple II software and hardware," says Doug Camplejohn, product specialist at Apple Computer for the new Overlay Card. "In addition, many schools have also invested heavily in video content--they've shot a lot of video footage. Our product lets them use that video material in whole new ways." Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA, (408) 996-1010.

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Title Annotation:the Apple II Video Overlay Card from Apple Computer, Inc.
Publication:T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)
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Date:Aug 1, 1989
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