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New product for Visionwall.

Visionwall Technologies, Inc. has introduced to the U.S. market its Visionwall. Window and Curtain Wall Systems for use in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.

Visionwall's glazing unit is custom manufactured using the building designer's choice of commercially available clear, tinted or reflective glass.

Advantages of using the Visionwall Window System include reduced HVAC system size and cost,reduced operating costs, the ability to use windows in noisy locations ad the complete elimination of conventional perimeter heating systems.

Visionwall Technologies of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada manufacturers the Visionwall Window System for North America. Geilinger Ltd., a well-known, long-established Swiss construction, engineering and manufacturing company, developed the system in response to the energy crunch of the 1970's and manufactures it for use in Europe.
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Title Annotation:Visionwall Technologies Inc.
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
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Date:Aug 19, 1992
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