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New product category rule for windows.

A new product category rule has been created for windows, providing an understandable method to develop a business-to-business Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). The goal is to help FMs and other end users make informed decisions when purchasing windows. The new rule includes a lifecycle inventory, which is used to calculate the LifeCycle Impact Assessment of the product and the EPD. I will also cover the product's life from cradle-to-gate, meaning window materials' impact will be measured from raw material extraction to its final form leaving the manufacturer.

The new rule requires manufacturers to report the window's manufacturing location, the quantity and source of all materials and energy used to create the window, any air or water emissions created, the distance traveled to disposal, and information about any waste produced and how it's managed.

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Title Annotation:FM GREEN UPDATE
Comment:New product category rule for windows.(FM GREEN UPDATE)
Date:Dec 1, 2015
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