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New powder coating fights germs. (Fresh Paint).

* A new antimicrobial powder coating formula for finishing surfaces has been developed. The key ingredient, silver, is inorganic, which doesn't allow bacteria to become immune.

In the Los Angeles area, AK Coatings is setting up a concept house to field test antimicrobial powder coatings in high-touch areas on a wide variety of surfaces such as door knobs, handles, metal panels and railings.

"Powder coating manufacturers are continually experimenting with new formulations to enhance the benefits of powder coating and to expand its usage to a wide variety of materials," said Greg Bocchi, executive director of the Powder Coatings Institute. "As the industry evolves, we're seeing phenomenal uses of powder coatings that we never could have imagined a few years ago. We are very excited about the development of the antimicrobial powder coatings, a breakthrough that combines powder coatings' unique protective qualities with scientific and medical applications."
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Title Annotation:AK Coatings Inc.
Publication:Coatings World
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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