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New polyester wipes at

As a specialist supplier of cleanroom wipes and cleaning agents, understand that for many organisations the task of selecting the correct wipe can be daunting due to the wide range of options on the market.

Polyester wipes are used because they are low abrasive and ultra-low in particle generation. Combined with the attributes of high absorbency, purity and cleanliness; the new polyester range is instrumental for mission critical environments.

Working with Essentra Porous Technologies, a division of Essentra plc, now offers a range of polyester wipes that are of optimal strength and durability with low particle and fibre generation. The range includes:

* 100 percent polyester interlocked wipes and 100 percent polyester Purity wipes with a knit construction for exceptional absorbency and cleanliness.

* Polyester Pinsonic 2-ply wipes 100 percent continuous filament polyester wipes deliver ultra-low particle generation, ideal for critical cleanroom environments.

* A more general purpose wipe that can be used for cleaning and maintenance both inside and outside of a cleanroom environment, a Cellulose/Polyester blend wipe is now available at Economical, the wipe is made up of 55 percent cellulose and 45 percent polyester fibres that are hydro-entangled to create maximum strength and durability.

"We are excited to be partnering with Connect 2 Cleanrooms and while we are changing our face to the customer with new products, marketing and innovations, our commitment to partnerships will continue to be our primary focus," said Ninette van Lingen, Senior Sales Director, Americas, Essentra plc.

Contact Connect 2 Cleanrooms on tel 01524 813022 or visit
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