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New personnel security forms.

After identifying a need for personnel security forms that can be used by industry, military, and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies alike, new questionnaires have been developed. The new forms are the result of a combined effort by all DoD components and are intended to facilitate the personnel security investigative process.

The forms now used to process a request for a DoD personnel security clearance are the revised personnel security questionnaire (PSQ) and the national agency questionnaire (NAQ), DD Forms 398 and 398-2, respectively. The NAQ has replaced the personnel security questionnaire (national agency check), the personnel security questionnaire (industrial-NAC), and the personnel security questionnaire (updating), DD Forms 398-2, 48, and 483, respectively. In addition, a revised DoD request for personnel security investigation, DD Form 1879, is replacing the current edition of that form.

The new forms will eliminate the use of multiple forms for similar purposes. Industry and DoD personnel will now use the same forms to request clearances and investigations from the Defense Investigative Service (DIS).

Industrial security representatives have distributed an initial supply of PSQ, NAQ, and DoD request for personnel security investigation forms to contractors. Additional PSQ and NAQ forms may be ordered from the Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office (DISCO) using DISCO Form 2. They will be available in July 1990.

DD Forms 48-except those submitted under the electronic transmission program-and 48-3 were no longer accepted after June 1, 1990. DD Form 49 will not be accepted after October 1, 1990. Any forms received after these respective cutoff dates will be rejected and returned for resubmission on the new form. Work is underway to program the DD Form 398-2 for use in electronic transmission.

Since the current Industrial Security Manual will not be revised to include the new forms, DD Form 398-2 should be used whenever the manual requires DD Forms 48 or 48-3. Both DD Forms 398 and 1879 should be used whenever DD Form 49 is required.

DD Form 398-2, Item I, lists the options of reinstatement, revalidation, conversion, concurrent, and initial clearance. Reinstatement applies when a subject changes employment from one DoD contractor to another or is reemployed by the same contractor. Revalidation applies when revalidating an administratively terminated clearance. Conversion and concurrent clearance remain the same.

DISCO Form 562, personnel security clearance change notification, will still be used for transfers within a multiple facility organization. Contractors should review the new forms carefully to identify all items that apply to their requests.

Both DD Forms 398 and 398-2 allow applicants to detach the page containing questions on privacy information, complete them in private, seal the information in an envelope, and return it and the rest of the form to security personnel. The sealed envelope is stapled to the other section of the application before being mailed to DISCO. Both forms contain detailed instructions for completion.

For contractors using electronic transmission, the software for the new DD Form 398-2 will be available soon. Until then, the current software may be used. When the new software is available, the NAQ should be electronically transmitted without the release statement, which must be retained by the contractor and released to DIS on request. If an applicant places the privacy portion in a sealed envelope, DD Form 398-2 must be submitted through the mail.

The future is promising as electronic transmission becomes available for other forms and correspondence such as DISCO Form 562, overseas and domestic visit requests, DISCO reject letters, and foreign travel reports.
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Author:Schwalls, Robert G.
Publication:Security Management
Date:Jul 1, 1990
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