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New pallet solution.

PPS Equipment Management has responded to growing customer demand by launching a new Dusseldorfer pallet for purchase or rental. This reusable timber pallet is half the size of the more popular Euro-Pallet, measuring just 800mm x 600mm and is ideally suited for the storage and distribution of goods.

In continental Europe the Dusseldorfer pallet has been popular for a number of years, where they are largely used by supermarkets for distribution and point-of-sale applications on the shop floor.

The pallets are designed to be transported by hand pallet truck from the store into retail sales areas loaded with goods, thus minimising product handling. As they can be entered from all four sides as opposed to other display pallets, this provides for easier access especially when negotiating narrow aisle spaces.

As more European supermarket stores are becoming established in the UK, there has been an increased awareness of the product and although originally developed for the food retail market, 'Dusseldorfer' pallets are increasingly being used by companies operating in a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals.


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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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