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New pack designs at Tims Dairy.

Last year was a busy year for Buckinghamshire-based Tims Dairy Ltd, which produces a wide range of yogurts and other cultured milk products. Early in 2004 the company restructured, and work was completed on a 5000 [ft.sup.2] extension to its modern production site. Tims recently launched new pack designs across its range of fruit and natural yogurts.

The new look was created by food packaging designers Martin Dawe Brand Design, and produced and printed by Huntingdon based Sole Europe. The fresh new image is identified by a wavy dark blue band, which carries the Tims Dairy name and logo, and is used on both the pots and aluminium foil lids to provide the link between the fruit and natural yogurts in the range.

The coloured band varies with the fruit variety. The Low-Fat and Thick & Creamy (whole milk) fruit yogurts are both currently available in four varieties, and are packed in 125g pots.

The packs for the set natural yogurts again utilise the wavy coloured bands, green for low fat and red for whole milk, which are complimented by matching coloured swirls at the base of the pot. Two new strong additions to the Tims Dairy natural yogurt range are the natural bio set yogurt and natural low fat stirred yogurt. Again the design of the packs uses colour for product differentiation. The final product in the range is Greek-style yogurt. As a Greek-Cypriot company, and one of the first to introduce Greek-style yogurt to the UK, this product has always been an important part of the company's yogurt range. The new design for the 200g pot uses the image of a typical Greek village to convey the authentic character of the product.

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