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New orienter maximises PET bottle branding.

Multi-packaging specialist ITW Hi-Cone is further enhancing its range of packaging solutions for PET bottles with the introduction of automatic bottle orientation to provide improved on-shelf impact and brand recognition.

The Hi-Cone multi-pack--available to handle bottle sizes up to 1.5 litres in groupings of 2,4,6,8 and 12--ensures that the primary container is always fully visible, a particularly important benefit for PET bottles, which are often custom designed and therefore very much part of a brand's image and identity.

The Hi-Cone Orienter applicating machines correctly position each bottle in the multi-pack to create a cleaner, more attractive in-store presentation and enable graphics and design effects to be highlighted to their best advantage. This allows fillers greater control of in-store merchandising to help promote and enhance brand identity on-shelf, as well as giving retailers the benefit of reduced' store handling costs. Orientation also enables individual pack bar codes to be hidden to facilitate the adoption of value pricing for multi-packs.

With the renewed interest in PET packaging for beer brands, combined with continued strong demand for the material for soft drinks, mineral waters and sports drinks, ITW Hi-Cone believes that the huge growth in demand for PET multi-packs in the United States is set to be repeated in Europe.

In addition to effective on-shelf presentation, Hi-Cone PET multi-packs offer a number of user-friendly features to ensure maximum consumer convenience. These include carry handles and the company's pioneering Zipper[TM] opening system that allows bottles to be removed individually from the pack. Options such as merchandising panels for promotional messages illustrate how Hi-Cone can tailor each multi-pack to precise customer requirements.

Contact ITW Hi-Cone on tel: +34 93 860 50 20
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