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New oral dosage forms promise to improve care.

AMHERST, N.H. -- Newly discovered classes of therapeutically active compounds are challenging the capabilities of traditional pills and capsules, according to Greystone Associates, a medical and health care technology consulting firm.

Developers of oral formulations are increasingly seeking new methods and technologies for delivering drugs in ways that achieve both optimal pharmaceutical kinetics as well as therapeutic bioavailability, says managing director George Perros.

The evolving drug formulations are now considered a family of technologies that have become essential to addressing increasingly sophisticated therapeutic targets.

"As the art and science of engineered release proliferate in the marketplace, the ability to fine-tune materials and processes to achieve therapeutic goals for an increasingly wide range of drugs will improve," predicts Perros.

The trend to engineered oral dosage forms is also being influenced by the desire for improved patient compliance through such means as less-frequent dosing.

"To meet the needs of patients--particularly aging populations--developers and formulators are emphasizing the creation of oral formulations engineered for once-daily administration," says Perros.

Greystone estimates that more than two dozen companies are promoting an extensive range of engineered oral delivery technologies. Those companies are collaborating with pharmaceutical firms to help define prescription formulations that will enter future clinical trial pipelines.

The company concludes that, as the pace of drug discovery escalates, the ability to tailor dosage forms to optimize therapeutic value will be a key differentiator for drug market participants. Greystone projects that more than half of all oral drugs will incorporate engineered release technology by the end of the decade.

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Date:Feb 28, 2005
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