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New or revised Technical Information Papers (TIPs).

Technical Information Papers:

TIP 0305-34 Daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance checklists

TIP 0305-30 The need for planned maintenance

TIP 0306-17 Selection guide for anilox rolls

TIP 0106-07 Titanium dioxide pigment index

TIP 0304-62 Checking the parallel of corrugating rolls with "NCR" paper

TIP 0410-04 Flow from a nozzle (slice) with inclined upper lip

TIP 0410-03 Flow from a 45[degrees] slice

TIP 0306-18 Cleaning anilox rolls: procedures and options

TIP 0404-20 Physical characterization of press fabrics: basis weight, air permeability, void volume under loading and pressure uniformity

TIP 0404-58 Steam shower applications in the forming section

TIP 0404-29 Porosity measurement of press felts on the paper machine (HSPT)

TIP 0404-62 Index of suppliers for press section monitoring

TIP 0106-05 Calcium carbonate pigment index

TIP 0304-32 Causes and corrections of zipper bonding

TIP 0416-06 Keys to successful chemical cleaning of boilers

TIP 0607-25 Definitions of terms in the sulfite pulping process

TIP 0404-37 Press roll cover application guidelines

TIP 0106-06 Kaolin clay pigment index

TIP 0402-03 Guidelines for corrosion resistant weld metal overlay of digester vessels in alkaline pulping service

TIP 0402-27 Guidelines for inspection of continuous digesters and impregnation vessels

TIP 0404-18 Measurement of dryer condensing rates (vertical separator method)

TIP 0306-16 Guideline for direct contact printing of bar code symbols on corrugated

TIP 0508-06 Refiner systems, their inspection and maintenance

TIP 0304-30 Calibration and maintenance of the manually operated micrometer

TIP 0304-24 Calibration and maintenance of the burst tester

TIP 0304-20 Calibration of flexible beam crush tester

TIP 0502-02 Determination of winder sets per reel

TIP 0304-22 Starch adhesive trial

TIP 0304-33 Proper methods of measuring starch adhesive viscosity

TIP 0304-25 Understanding formaldehyde management

TIP 0304-26 Common curtain coating problems: causes, detection, and correction

TIP 0304-56 Total indicated runout and its impact on combined board quality

TIP 0404-38 Dryer fabric cleaning

TIP 0410-02 Flow from a vertical slice

TIP 0410-09 Flow determination by chemical method

TIP 0404-07 Paper machine drying rate

TIP 0416-12 Estimating the first melting temperature of fireside deposits in recovery boilers

All individual TIPs or Test Methods are available for electronic or paper delivery.

For electronic delivery, the documents are e-mailed to you in PDF format. The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these documents. This is available free from

If you prefer hardcopy printout, these can be mailed or faxed to you. Please include the shipping and handling costs in your total.

The new or revised documents listed above may be purchased individually from TAPPI. The 2003-2004 collection of TIPs, published in March 2003, is available in a two-volume printed set or on CD. The 2004-2005 collection of Test Methods, published in March 2004, is available on CD. A print-on-demand version of the Test Methods set, current and updated as of the date printed, is also available. Company Licenses for access to the continually updated collection of Test Methods and TIPs via the web is the best way to always have a current set of documents accessible by all company personnel.

For information and quotes on Company Licenses, contact or +1 770 209-7278. For regular orders, contact Member Connection at 1 800 332-8686 (US), 1 800 446-9431 (Canada), or + 1 770 446-1400 (international), or order on line at

Withdrawal of Technical Information Papers

The following TIPs from the Water Removal Subject Category have been withdrawn because their content has been incorporated into a revised version of TIP 0404-07 "Paper Machine Drying Rate."

0404-08 "TAPPI drying rate -- corrugating medium"

0404-09 "TAPPI drying rates of linerboard"

0404-12 "TAPPI drying rates of woodfree printing and writing grades"

0404-14 "TAPPI drying rate -- bleached board"

0404-15 "TAPPI drying rate -- newsprint"

0404-16 "TAPPI drying rate -- kraft papers"

0404-40 "TAPPI drying rates of wood-containing paper (excluding newsprint)"

0404-42 "TAPPI drying rate -- after-size press dryers"

0404-56 "TAPPI drying rate -- pulp (can dryers)"

Withdrawn TIPs may be reinstated by any "TAPPI members interested in the subject area covered by the document. Any "TAPPI members interested in working toward reinstatement of any withdrawn TIPs should contact Charles Bohanan ( or +1 770 209-7276).
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