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New officers and directors.

Chairman (1994-1995)

Robert M. Healy, CCE is a member of the Chicago Midwest Credit Management Association and president of R. M. Healy & Associates, Schaumberg, Ill.

Healy has a distinguished record of service to the organization and profession, including 42 years as a credit manager and 12 years as a local CMCMA board member.

On the national level, Healy has served as vice chairman and director, as well as chairman of the public relations, long-range planning, and NACM-CRF joint education committees. In addition, he was a member of the Government Affairs Committee and an advisor to Business Credit magazine.

Healy spent 30 years at the chemicals division of Unocal Corp. in Schaumburg, IL, where he maintained a bad-debt write-off level of .000065 of 1 percent of net sales over 18 years.

"I have a strong commitment to the credit profession," said Healy. "I believe that we in credit must find a way to use all the tools and technology available to us, to not only improve our companies, but to help expand the economy of our country as well."

After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Korean War, Healy's interest in education extended to the Marines and numerous civic groups. For 15 years, he has acted as vice chairman of the U.S. Marine Corps Scholarship Ball Committee, which recently awarded $10,000 scholarships to the 231 dependents of armed personnel killed during Operation Desert Storm.

Now, as NACM chairman, Healy is anxious to get busy once again.

"I will dedicate myself full time during my year as chairman to move NACM forward in achieving its goals and mission."

Chairman-Elect (1994-1995)

David Watson, CCE is a member of NACM's Southwest affiliate and is vice president/credit manager of Olmstead-Kirk Paper Co., Dallas, Texas. He served as an NACM national director from 1986-1990 and national vice chairman for two terms from 1990-1994.

"The greatest challenge facing the credit management profession is the continued downsizing of corporate America . . . as a result, NACM continues to see membership erosion from most of our affiliates," said Watson.

In the coming year, Watson would like to continue the redesign of NACM's formal educational offerings and programs.

Vice Chairmen Central Region

R. Craig Seavers, CCE belongs to NACM's Indiana affiliate and is the manager for continuous improvement results for Inland Container Corp., Indianapolis, Ind. He has served as a national director since 1991.

"We must be able to respond to the changing needs of our customers, companies, and profession," said Seavers. "The new credit professional must be well-educated, flexible, and innovative."

Seavers said he aims to improve the education programs offered through NACM, on both the national and local levels, and increase member involvement in NACM.

Eastern Region

Robert J. Sabol is a member of NACM's Western Pennsylvania affiliate and general credit manager for Cooper Power Systems, Pittsburgh, Pa. Sabol has served on several NACM national committees, including the finance and budget committee.

"Reengineering the corporation will affect all levels of management in the coming years and credit managers are vulnerable," said Sabol. "To minimize this risk, we should increase our worth to our organizations through certification and education."

Sabol said his main goals are to work effectively in his committee assignments, which include finance and budget, officers nominating, and honors and awards. Specifically, he would like to work on a scoring procedure for award nominees.

Southern Region

Harry F. Bradford, CCE is a member of NACM's Southern Group. He is assistant vice president for McGriff, Seibels & Williams Inc., Birmingham, Ala. He served as vice chairman of the Southern Region from 1991-93.

"We must keep abreast of new computer technologies to meet the challenges out there in our profession," said Bradford, who also advocates continued education for credit managers.

Western Region

Michael Allem belongs to NACM's Intermountain affiliate and is executive vice president of Capital City Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah. Allem served as NACM's Western Region vice chairman between 1992 and 1994.

Allem believes stabilizing membership is NACM's greatest challenge in the coming year. "NACM must offer quicker and better services to prevent members from leaving the organization," he said.

As chairman of the finance and budget committee, Allem's main goal concerns NACM's finances. "I want to make sure NACM's budget is correct for this year," he said.

Directors (1994-1997 unless otherwise stated) Central Region

(1994-95) Ronald E. Mefford, CCE belongs to NACM's Chicago-Midwest affiliate and is the director of credit for Cooper Lighting, Elk Grove Village, Ill. Mefford has served on NACM's government affairs and bankruptcy task force committees.

Mefford named educating and assisting members in the reengineering of credit departments as important challenges facing the profession in the coming year.

He said he would like to, "work closely with the affiliates to strengthen our liaison, assisting wherever possible at the affiliate or national level."

Janice J. Welte, CCE is the controller for Ford Tractor of Fargo Inc., Fargo, N.D. and belongs to NACM's Fargo-Moorhead affiliate. She has served on several national committees, including the nomination and the insurance advisory committees, 1992-93.

Welte said fast changes in the economy, interest rates, and cutting expenses are the greatest challenges now facing the credit profession. She also recommends education in solving some of the problems.

"I aim to work closely with the affiliates assigned to me and encourage ways to increase membership," Welte said.

Eastern Region

Jo Ann Plum, CCE is a member of NACM's Chesapeake Chapter and works as corporate credit manager for Tristate Electrical Supply Co., Inc., Hagerstown, Md. She has served on two NACM national nominating committees and NACM's improved construction practices committee.

Plum believes the greatest challenge facing credit professionals in the coming year will be "to exceed the expectations of our employers and customers by providing quality service and products."

She outlined two major goals for the year, including monitoring the Pennsylvania Lien Bill with the ICPC and working with the national office and affiliates to ensure that member's needs are surpassed.

Ralph J. Rimualdo belongs to NACM's Central New York affiliate and is vice president of Case Supply Inc., Syracuse, N.Y. Rimualdo has been involved in NACM for 20 years, chairing four local committees since 1974.

"NACM has so much to offer in the way of education and services that it is necessary to bring this message to members and prospective members who can benefit greatly," said Rimualdo.

In addition, Rimualdo stresses education and believes credit executives should continue improving professional aptitude to stay on the leading edge of the complexities dictated by a changing economy.

Southern Region

Kenneth Minton, CCE belongs to NACM's Gulf Coast Unit and is director of credit for Southdown, Inc., Tampa, Fla. He attended NACM's Mid-Career School program in 1990.

"People who possess the technical knowledge and the ability to tap into the 'information highway' will have a competitive edge," said Minton, who hopes to raise the level of proficiency in the field.

Minton's primary goals for the year include strengthening the Improved Construction Practices Committees in our region to affect positive changes in laws governing creditor's rights and working to improve data sharing.

Western Region

Donald S. Richmond, CCE belongs to NACM's California affiliate and is credit and financial services manager for the Riverside Cement Co., Diamond Bar, Calif. He has served on NACM's national construction practices and public relations committees.

"Until major universities through their business schools offer a [credit management] option, we will be perceived as an adjunct of the accounting profession," said Richmond, who views education as the greatest challenge facing the profession.

Richmond believes that credit professionals must be at the forefront of restructuring in the current era of corporate alterations, which are eliminating many middle-management positions.

CFDD Chairman

LeeAnn Garrington, CCE belongs to the Southwest and South Texas affiliates and is the vice president of Morrison Supply Co., Ft. Worth, Texas. She has served as vice chairman of several CFDD committees, including publicity, education, and membership.

Garrington believes lack of time continues to plague credit executives. "The successful and effective credit executive must find time in an ever-impossible schedule to acquire the latest in knowledge and education," she said.

Garrington described her main goals as acquiring and retaining members, continuing to focus on education, and creating state-of-the-art information and member services.

Credit Research Foundation Chairman

Robert C. Togtman, CCE, belongs to the Chicago Midwest affiliate and is the general credit manager for Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co., Chicago, Ill. Togtman served as CRF vice chairman 1993-94 and CRF trustee 1991-93.

"Rightsizing, upsizing, downsizing--credit professionals need to move beyond any fear these words may conjure up and be willing to conceptualize and integrate advance usage of technology and processes," said Togtman.

Togtman's primary goal is for CRF to be an integral part of the NACM family of services and see continued growth of products from the preeminent source of credit research.

FCIB-NACM Chairman

Mark C. Clark, CCE, is director, credit & collection operation, Pfizer, Inc., New York, N.Y., and a member of NACM-New Jersey. Clark has been an NACM member for 17 years and has held numerous leadership positions within the organization. He is a member of the New Jersey NACM board of directors and served on the NACM-CRF joint education committees.

"The greatest challenge facing credit professionals is to become agents of change within our companies," Clark said. "The status quo, while comfortable, offers little challenge or opportunity to pursue a vision."

His primary goal as a board member is to promote and further the global vision of the NACM. By leveraging NACM's expertise, credit managers have the opportunity to enhance strategic decision making in the global market, Clark said.
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