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New multi-shot, vertical and high-speed electrics.

A handful of new all-electric presses take Toyo Machinery & Metal Co. of Japan into at least one new market area. (Toyo is represented here by Maruka U.S.A. Inc., Rockaway, N.J.) Toyo, which introduced its all-electric Si-III series earlier this year, is using that platform to launch its first machines for multi-component molding. The base of all Si-III machines is ready-made for installation of a second electric injection unit incapability the "L" position. Multi-component capability will be offered on electric machines up to 500 tons. Toyo currently offers the Si-III from 35 to 200 tons and plans to extend the range to 750 tons in the next six months.

Toyo also developed a high-speed version of its Si-III for thin-wall packaging and medical applications. It may be available by year's end. It will have a shorter toggle-clamp stroke and more rigid die plate, along with a fast-response control and peak injection rates of 300 mm/sec. The first model will likely be a 400-ten machine.

Toyo also came out with an all-electric vertical-injection/vertical-clamp press with a rotary table for high-precision insert molding. The new ET Series includes 40 ten (ET-40vr2) and 80-ten (ET-80vr2) models. Features include servo-motor indexing of the rotary table and a vertical injection unit designed to eliminate deflection during injection. Tel: (973) 983-1000 * PT Direct: 259KP
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Title Annotation:Injection Molding
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Sep 1, 2004
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