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New modem supports Novell Ethernet networks.

UDS Motorola is offering a highspeed network modem that provides remote LAN access over dial-up lines. The LanFast network modem supports Novell's NetWare LAN operating system and features a built-in network interface for Ethernet (thick, thin or UTP).

The new network modem includes a LAN adapter that allows it to connect directly to network cabling, eliminating the need for a dedicated PC. The LanFast network modem comes with UDS' LanFast communications software that is optimized for dial-in or dial-out access. In addition, it is compatible with other popular PC communications software that support INT14 (DOS communications interrupt 14) or NASI redirectors, including Procomm Plus Network and Crosstalk MK.IV.

With LanFast, remote users can dial into a LAN and run applications of access files. LanFast provides remote users access to network resources, such as printers and fax machines, as if they were locally attached. For users who prefer to use remote control software, the LanFast network modem supports network versions of remote control software packages. The network modem also features three levels of security, automated callback, event logging and password control to ensure only authorized users can dial-in or dial-out.

The new network modem also can be used for LAN-to-LAN communications over ordinary phone lines. It can transfer NetWare IPX packets, and is compatible with Novell's asynchronous bridge and router software.

The LanFast network modem contains an integral, fully compatible V.32bis, V.42bis, 14.4K bps modem. It also features an additional RS232 serial port that can be used to connect a second modem for simultaneous dial-in or dial-out.

The LanFAst network modem features powerful administrative and security capabilities, including visual and audible indicators that report the connection status. The network modem is easy to install and upgrades are simplified by using the unit's non-volatile Flash ROM.

The modem is available now and has an estimated list price of $1,995.

UDS Motorola, a worldwide market leader in high-performance dial-up modems and network management products, is a pioneer in the evolving digital and ISDN market, and is a unit of the Motorola Information System Group. The company is one of the world's largest designers and manufacturers of data communications equipment.

For more information, contact UDS Motorola, 5000 Bradford Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35805-1993, 205/430-80000; fax 205/430-8208.

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Title Annotation:UDS Motorola, LanFast network modem
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Date:May 1, 1992
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