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New mid-size vacuum dryer.

The new VBD300 vacuum dryer from Maguire Products, Aston, Pa., has a rated capacity of up to 300 Ib/hr, double the rated capacity of the previous model VBD150 (though the latter has been shown in the field to actually be capable of over 200 Ib/hr). The new unit is suited to general-purpose injection molding and low- to mid-throughput extrusion jobs.

Maguire says its vacuum dryers consume 60% less energy than desiccant systems, dry in onesixth the time, reduce the resin's heat history, and provide greater process control than desiccant dryers. The VBD reportedly can provide dried polymer for production in 35 min after a cold start. The VBD's load cells, which were added in 2015, monitor material weight at two different points, giving control over resin level in the dryer and providing documentation of material consumption.

Maguire says practically all resins can be processed via vacuum drying. The company is currently working on the VBD 600, which would have a throughput capacity of 600 Ib/hr. The largest model in the line, the VBD 1000 for up to 1000 lb/hr, launched in 2013.

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Title Annotation:DRYING
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2017
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