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New microbrewery makes Austin debut.

Austin's first brewery in over 100 years is scheduled to open this month at the corner of Forbes and Cross Park Drive.

The new Celis Brewery is owned and operated by a Belgian family who have come to Texas with the idea of brewing the beer styles of their homeland with American grains and hops.

The heart of the brewery is the brewhouse's 60-year-old handmade copper kettles. The brewery's products are slated to be distributed throughout Texas as well as other western States.

The Austin brewery is the brainchild of Pierre Celis, who is credited for reviving Belgium's white wheat beer style.

Celis began his brewing career in 1966, using old dairy equipment and producing only a few hundred barrels. By 1990, he was brewing 900 times that much beer and employed 90 people in his plant. Celis was also voted best brewer in Europe recently.
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Title Annotation:Celis Brewery, Austin, Texas
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 2, 1992
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